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Embracing the Wild Dark Mother

She is with you. She is within you and All of us.

She is raw, wild, true, naked and yet, perfectly embracing. In her freedom, all forgiveness is possible, all redemption is given with honesty, integrity, responsibility and yet, no moralism.

This journey is about merging within the Mysteries of Earth and Heart through the wild edges, the fear, the sorrow, the loss, the abundance, the trust, the liberation, the profound connection to the untamable mystery.

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The Empowerment of the CroneThe Empowerment of the Crone

Over five weekends we will explore the true Nature of the Crone, the Grand Mother, She who is the fourth face of Goddess in the cycle of Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone, She who leads us into death. We will consider the experience of becoming Crones in our lives. We shall share our wisdom, seeking and finding the empowerment of the Crone.

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grupoclasePriestess Trainings outside Glastonbury

Besides the wonderful Priestess and Priest of Avalon training, there are a host of others in different parts of the world, all designed to fit local landscapes and conditions by people trained in Avalon.

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discoveryDiscovery Training

Beginning to explore Goddess spirituality.
Taking the first steps on your path.
Learn skills to aid your journey.
Beginning your lifetime’s adventure.

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roseSoul Healing: Six Month Intensive Healing Course

Soul Healing is a subtle and powerful form of energetic healing, that works with the energies of the whole person, with the physical and energetic bodies, the emotions, thoughts, personality and soul, to help bring us back from the state of dis-ease to a state of ease and well-being.

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Glastonbury Goddess Experience Weeks

We invite you to come and take part in Goddess Experience Week in Glastonbury, which provides a wonderful opportunity to participate in our local Goddess community. You will be spending time with experienced, dedicated Priestesses of Goddess and of Avalon, who are today bringing Goddess alive in the world once again.


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