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Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess/Priest of Cerridwen

Two Spiral Training

Serving the Goddess of Transformation, Inspiration and Renewal

Cerridwen, Dark Mother, hear us now
We give ourselves into your keeping,
Hold us true and strong, we pray,
See our faults and love us still each day

with Brytt (Bee) Baganz-Dickinson

Course Start Date: 28/29 October 2017

Amazing Cerridwen mural in Goddess House by Susy "Goose" Edwards

Path of Cerridwen – The Cauldron Cycles
Priestessing the Shadow Times in Life

In Celtic Mythology the cauldron receives and it bestows.

Descent into the cauldron takes absolute trust and courage, the basis on which to build a deep connection with ourselves, with Goddess and with the people She sends to us.

In order to feel compassion and empathy for those who turn to us in their darkest hour, we need to find the divinity within ourselves and others. We need to be heart whole, the best version of this incarnation of our soul.

First Spiral Training: The Cauldron Born
Sister or Brother of Cerridwen

In the First Spiral year of the training Cerridwen will guide you, she will be your Challenger, your Energizer, your Creatrix, your Initiatrix. As Divinatrix, she will reveal to you the mysteries of your soul, your journey in this cycle of life, the healing and development you must complete in order to fulfil your soul purpose. The greatest healer of British Celtic mythology, She is Swynwraig – Wise Woman, Medicine Woman, Shamanka, who holds the wisdom of the Ancient Foremothers for you. As in ancient times, you will learn Her Craft from observation, own research and experimental experience.

She is the keeper of the knowledge of the mysteries of nature, of their magic. In Her story we are told that in order to obtain the most potent version of the herbs She needed for Her cauldron brew, She collected them: “by the moon and the sun, when their potency was at its height”. This is the first mention of biodynamic harvesting in British literature. She will teach you about the lore – of tree and plant spirits – y corlun; the secrets of Her crystals for protection, balance and healing. She is Sofran y Tylwyth Teg. She holds the wisdom of the eons, from the star mothers of the universe to the invisible forces in the cosmos. “The Awen I sing, from the deep I bring it” – the deep of the cauldron, of the void beyond the worlds, the depth of our inner labyrinth.

She will also connect with you via embodiment and oracling, sending you information you need to further connect with yourself, and with seekers who may come to you for guidance.

Let Her take your hand, lead you to Her Cauldron’s pearl encrusted rim, so that you may dive from there deeply into the mysteries of Life and Living. Within Her womb rest and dream, contemplate your choices, face and integrate your own shadows, heal the woundings received in this and other life times, make peace with those who may have harmed you, knowingly or unknowingly – to emerge hale and whole, ready to serve wherever you are called.

Spiral One Course Dates & Details

Spiral Two: The Cauldron Blessed
Priest/ess of Cerridwen Training

The Second Spiral prepares you to step into the role of a community priestess or priest. What does that mean in this world, at this time?

You support people during the times in their lives when the burdens are too hard to bear alone, when a helping hand is needed in form of sacred listening, creation and performance of ceremony, devising rituals and rites of passage to move on to a new stage of life, leaving behind all that might hold our seekers back. We are ready to deal with difficult life situations, to counsel, advise, teach and lead.

We are ready to deal with difficult life situations, to counsel, advise, teach and lead them to a healing and healthy path onwards into the future. You will be shown to help others access their true emotions, explore the impact of negative emotions on their health and wellness, to face and heal emotional trauma buried deep in early childhood memories, from which negative behaviour patterns evolve that may be keeping our clients from living a useful and harmonious life.

This Spiral includes: aiding in the allowing of accepting help and support, exploring the work of a soul friend, emotional healing techniques, how to deal with traumatized souls in a great variety of circumstances, rebirthing them after retrieval and integration, ensuring the completion of the last state of being.

Becoming a companion to the dying, and their loved ones, work with healthcare professionals for the best support of your client, soothe and accompany the souls of the dying, from this world into the next, ease the moving on process, assist with funeral preparations; be a funeral celebrant; liaise with the bereaved before, during and after the interment.

You and your role will grow with experience and the ever increasing need of your community. You are the Strength others rely on in times of sadness and pain.

Upon successful completion of both Spirals you will be offered a place in the Counsel of Cerridwen, and the choice to become a member of Llwyth Cerridwen, our practising body, where you will be offered continued development, support and assistance.


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Spiral One: Course Information

Course Venues: Seven of the First Spiral Weekends take place at Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EJ.

The final Dedication Weekend is a three day retreat at LLyn Tegid/Lake Bala in North Wales, Home of Cerridwen.

Training weekends are non-residential.

Course Days: Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 6pm, except for the retreat weekend. Information about this will be provided on the first weekend of the Spiral Cycle.

Spiral One: Course Fees for eight weekends:

Full fee: £934, paid in full or by instalments (with £36 admin fee).

A non-refundable deposit of £100 secures your place.

Payment by instalments: £970 (includes £36 admin fee). £100 deposit on acceptance on the course, plus eight monthly instalments of £108.75.

£100 deposit due by 16th October 2017.

Monthly payments of £108.75 begin 13th November 2017, through to 13th June 2018.

Spiral Two: Course Fees for five weekends:

Full fee: £605, paid in full before or at the beginning of the course. Non-refundable deposit of £100 payable at acceptance or by 15th September 2017, with the balance due on or before 1st October 2017.

Payment by instalments: £640 (includes £35 admin fee). Deposit of £100 deposit on acceptance on course or by 15th September 2017, plus four monthly instalments of £135 each, on 1st October 2017, 1st November 2017, 1st December 2017 and 1st January 2018.

How to apply for the course


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