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Priestess/Priest of Cerridwen

Course Dates & Details 2017/18: Year One

Cauldron Cycle 1 – 28/29 October 2017

Initiatrix – Seeking the cauldron – deep dark womb of the Mother, where we face our shadows, forgive ourselves and others. Learning healthy ways of engaging with destructive patterns, we face the Cauldron of Testing, guarded by the 9 naw morwyn – the original nine maidens, keepers of truth and justice

Cauldron Cycle 2 – 16/17 December 2017

Mam Ysbrydoliaeth – Mother of the Awen/Inspiration. Using the power of breath to cleanse and clear blockages, exploring the power of the mind, of intuition and insight into the hidden realms. Healing with meditation and stillness, mindfulness and silence.

Cauldron Cycle 3 – 27/28 January 2018

Swynwraig – Wise Medicine Woman. Learning about the wisdom of healing with tree & plant spirits, herb lore, the subtle bodies and energy workings. With great knowledge comes great responsibility.

Cauldron Cycle 4 – 17/18 March 2018

O Dan – All things fiery and flaming, fire in our hearts, minds, souls and sacral spaces. Find what fires your imagination. Feel where your cauldron fire burns brightly, where it is subdued. How do we rekindle our Flame of Passion for Creativity and Innovation, Warmth and Belonging?

Cauldron Cycle 5 – 28/29 April 2018

Calon o Gariad – heart companions, soul mates, twin flames, self love, soft touch, gentle connection, heart to heart – soul to soul. The most successful love story of the Welsh myths shows us the path to true balanced supportive relationship.

Cauldron Cycle 6 – 16/17 June 2018

Dewines y LLyn – Water, magical component of our story, life giving elixir, washing us clean, inside and out, washing away pain and sorrow. Cerridwen, ultimate Lady of the Lake, ancient, ever present, rising from the magic Myst of Lake Bala, what are Her gifts for you?

Cauldron Cycle 7 – 21/22 July 2018

Creatrix – Dark Mother, fierce mother of shadow, nurturing mother, a lesson to us all. Learning about the importance of being mothered, of giving and receiving gracefully, of mothering others.

Cauldron Cycle 8 – 31 August to 3 September 2018

Sofran y Tylwyth Teg – Now is the time to take stock. Are we ready to surrender to Her wise counsel and move forward into Her priest-esshood? At the end of the first spiral we retreat beside the beautiful Llyn Tegid, where we meet our Goddess. There you stand proudly before Her with courage, undergoing Her ordeals and declaring yourself as a Sister/Brother of Cerridwen.


Course Dates 2017/18: Year Two

14th/15th October 2017
25th/26th November 2017
10th/11th February 2018
7th/8th April 2018
21st/22nd/23rd/24th June 2018
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