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Priestess of Rhiannon Training

Two-year training with Katinka Soetens
to become a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon

Priestess of Rhiannon

Rhiannon, the Great Goddess of Love, calls to us.
She whispers the language of truth and beauty
She asks us to remember who we are –
Sacred Embodiments of Her.
We are erotic, sensual, powerful, alive,
conscious, compassionate,
beautiful, wild, wise and loving,
Priestesses of Her Temple which is our body,
our mind and our heart,
and which is the land around us.

Rhiannon’s path embraces the ways of women, which honour life, Goddess, the land and the sacred core essence in women and men. This is a feminine path of self-care and love, beauty and sacred sexuality – the reclaiming and awakening of the Sacred Sexual Priestess. Women are called to heal themselves, their relationships and our planet. It is time to really look at and own the ways in which we participate in and perpetuate patriarchal structures. Rhiannon holds the mirror for us to see, own, heal and release parts of our self that stand in the way of the flow of love.

First Spiral Training

During the first Spiral of this experiential and transformative non-residential training we will meet in 9 circle weekends to experience different aspects of Goddess Rhiannon and of our woman self. We will learn to listen for and follow Rhiannon’s guidance as She expresses in and through us and discover, deepen and re-member the arts and skills of this soul calling. We work with Rhiannon, the ever-present inner Goddess of Love, to learn new skills and remember the blood mysteries, to sit in a supportive women’s circle, to heal and to call back the sacred sexual priestess. We work individually, in pairs and in small groups, and at times sky-clad, to realise what blocks us from loving ourselves and others, so that we may see and experience Rhiannon in our own body as well as in those around us.

This spiral will include teachings around: blood mysteries, birth and other rites of passage, sexual healing, conscious touch, cleansing and honouring rituals, sacred dance, inner marriage of goddess and god, body-disarmament, tantric ceremony, healthy sisterhood, awakening the senses, embodiment, expressing boundaries and owing desires, releasing fear and loving oneself, serving the Goddess, and guiding others into Her presence. This leads to self-dedication into the Sisterhood of Rhiannon, at the tutor’s discretion, in a powerful ceremony of dedication to walk Rhiannon’s Path of Love.

Second Spiral Training

The Second Spiral consists of 5 weekends in which we will develop and practice our priestessing: Embodiment, creating and holding initiation ceremonies such as: youth initiation and Menarche, Moonlodge, ‘Opening of the way’ and Lover initiations, Blessing ways, Handfasting ceremonies, and Menopause, Abortion/Miscarriage ceremonies, as well as sexual healing sessions. You will also be evolving your daily practice of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. This year, if completed successfully, leads to a powerful self-initiation ceremony in the last weekend, to serve Rhiannon as Her Sacred Sexual Priestess.

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The Priestess of Rhiannon training is experiential and will involve you in personal change and Self-development. The Goddess’s touch is transformative – She Changes Everything She Touches … and you need to be prepared for this to obtain the maximum benefit from participating in this course.

For all weekends: Please bring a journal to write in and something to contribute to the altar. If possible wear red comfortable clothes you can move freely in. In addition, you’ll be asked to bring various other items for different weekends closer to the time. This training requires you to practice and spend time working with the energy of Rhiannon between circle.

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Course information

Where: All First Spiral weekends take place in the Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NB. Trainings are non-residential.

When: Saturday and Sunday: 10.00am – 6.00pm, with breaks for refreshments and lunch (Saturday often goes till later).

Spiral One Course Fees for nine weekends

Full Fee: £990 paid in full at the beginning of the course Deposit: £100 deposit payable by 10th October 2016, plus balance of £890 payable by 22nd October 2016.

Payment by Installments: £1,025 (includes £35 admin fee) – £100 deposit payable by 10th October 2016, plus 8 monthly installments of £115.63, beginning 1st November 2016 and monthly thereafter to 1st June 2017, by standing order, postdated cheques or online by PayPal.

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Applications for future trainings should be made via Katinka’s own Magdalene Mystery School website.

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