with Glastonbury Goddess Temple

The Way of the Völva
The Norse Shamanka &
Priestess of Freya

With Zindra Andersson
Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Freya & Völva

Course Start Date: 4th/5th November 2017

The Way of the Völva, Norse Shamanka and Priestess of Freya
Two Spiral Training 2017-2019

This Two Spiral training in the Art of the Völva, the Norse Shamanka and Priestess of Freya includes Norse mythology, the practice of Seidr and the making of magical equipment. The Way of the Völva is to remember and learn how to serve Mother Earth and Goddess Freya. You will be learning the skills of the Old Wise Women, building relations to all of life and journeying into the Otherworlds.

Seidr is an ecstasy technique, which enables the soul to travel to other worlds to seek information. The practice of Seidr is related to shamanism and can be used for many purposes including divination, protection and healing. To practice Seidr you will need a special Staff and Song.

The magic of the Seidr is held and was taught by the Vanir Goddess Freya. Among humans in earlier times Seidr was performed by women called Völvur/Valor, which means carrier of a magic staff. The Völvur were highly respected in the society as seeresses.

The Way of the Völva in Avalon

The Völva Training is practical and nature-based and much of it will be held outside on the land of Avalon. You will learn to find the wisdom that is held in the core of women, which is released when you come into contact with the web of all life. Connecting with that old power of women will bring you back to who you truly are. You will learn oneness with Her nature and the beings who dwell within Her nature, journeying in the Otherworlds through the magic of the Seidr. During the training you will make your own Rattle, Magic Bag and Staff, empowering them with your own energy. This training is about old forgotten knowledge and authenticity. The foundation of the training is Norse, but we will also look on the many similarities between Norse and British Goddesses.

Spiral One 2017-18
Becoming an Apprentice Völva
Eight Circles – The Eight Characteristics of the Völva

Spiral Two 2018-19
Becoming a Völva and Priestess of Freya

Course Dates and Details

Course Information

When: Saturday and Sunday 10.00am-5.30pm with breaks.

Where: Circles are based at Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ, with excursions into the landscape.

What to bring: For each weekend you need to bring: proper clothing for the weather which can be cold, wet, windy, sunny or warm. Walking shoes. A bag with your lunch. A journal to write in. For some weekends you will need a drum. The training will include some homework.


Full fee: £880 paid in full at the beginning of the course – £100 deposit payable by 20th October 2017. Balance of £780 payable by 4th November 2017.

Payment by Instalments: £916 (includes £36 admin fee) – £100 deposit payable by 20th October 2017, plus 8 monthly instalments of £102, beginning 14th November 2017, by standing order, post-dated cheques or online by Paypal.

How to apply for the course