with Glastonbury Goddess Temple

Encountering the Wild Dark Mother

Become a Weaver of Wild Wisdom
Through Eight Initiation Rites in the Nature of the Earth, Heart and Fertile Shadow

with Iris Lican
Medicine Woman, Ritual Artist, Weaver of Wild Wisdom

Connect to Her Wild Dark Nature
Sacred Creative Vision as Prayer and Power
Meditation and Ritual Practices
Emotional, energetic and spiritual practices for the rebel at heart and Earth lovers

She is with you. She is within you and All of us.

She is raw, wild, true, naked and yet, perfectly embracing. In her freedom, all forgiveness is possible, all redemption is given with honesty, integrity, responsibility and yet, no moralism.

The Wild Dark Mother is the Earth as Nature and we as natural children of this Earth.

This journey is about merging within the Mysteries of Earth and Heart through the wild edges, the fear, the sorrow, the loss, the abundance, the trust, the liberation, the profound connection to the untamable mystery.

Each weekend we work energetically with a chakra and with the qualities of the season we are in, within Her nature. We bring together energy, body, soul and Nature from experience.

We will hold space, reveal and keep stories, share the eightfold path of the Mother in her Wild and Fertile Shadow.

Wild Dark Mother
Paints the caves
Wild Dark Mother
Holds the knifes
Wild Dark Mother
Keeps the strings to the tapestry of all life
Wild Dark woman
Fiery eyes
She cares for those who birth and die
Wild Dark Mother knows, she makes the signs
You’re free to fail and fall and try
No straight lines, cycles and tides
Infinite lines
Wild Dark Mother never lies
Naked breasts in winter skies
She’s the fading ground of seasons and the Earth of pulsing floor
My naked bones shall become your cave once more
Craft my soul and the soul of the world
Nothing to hold, nothing to lose
You are who you are
Not just the fat
e you choose

Course Dates and Details

Course Information

When: Saturday and Sunday 10.00am-5.30pm with breaks.

Where: Circles are based at Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ, with excursions into the landscape. Always bring clothing and footwear suitable for the weather – cold, rain, sunshine, showers.


Full fee: £880 paid in full at the beginning of the course – £100 deposit payable by 30th September 2017. Balance of £780 payable to 28th October 2017.

Payment by Instalments: £916 (includes £36 admin fee) – £100 deposit payable by 30th September 2017, plus 8 monthly instalments of £102, beginning 14th November 2017, by standing order, post-dated cheques or online by Paypal.

How to apply for the course