Glastonbury-based Priestess Trainings


Priestess of Avalon Trainings

with Luna Silver and Kathy Jones


Silver Spiral Training

with Maria Jones


Morgen Priestess Training

with Mary Bruce

The Way of the Oracle

with Sally Pullinger

Priestessing/Priesting the Underworld

with Sally Pullinger and Sophie Pullinger

Avalon Shamanka

Avalon Shamanka Training

with Luna Silver

Goddess Teachings

Dreaming-of-Journeying, by Wendy Andrew

The Empowerment of the Crone

with Kathy Jones


Christine Watkins


Soul Healing Training

with Karin Persons

Goddess Children & Parents

9 Seasonal Workshops

with Jennifer Murphy


Priestess Trainings outside Glastonbury

In Europe and the Americas

Interactive Online Courses

The Way of the Oracle

Introductory Online Short Course

with Sally Pullinger

The Way of the Oracle

with Sally Pullinger

Evergreen Online Courses

From Ancient Roots to the Present

Bringing Goddess alive in Her World

The Weave of the Great Mother

Online Goddess teachings introduced by Kathy Jones

Inner Journeys to the Heart of Goddess

Four guided inner journeys with Kathy Jones