Death Priestess of Avalon

with Bee Helygen, Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Cerridwen

One year course, 7 x 3-day weekends

Leading to a certificate as a Death Priestess of Avalon

Beginning 22nd October 2021


Avalon has traditionally been considered the Western Isle, the Isle of the Dead, domain of the recent Ancestors. In Morte d’Arthur by Mallory we hear that Morgana, Chief Priestess Healer of Avalon and her Priestess sister collect the mortally wounded Arthur and convey him on the sacred Barge Goddess Prydwen to the Isle of Avalon.

There, in the Other Realm of the Tor, by the eggstone, legend tells us lies the entrance to Annfwn, the Otherworld to which the dead were brought. There they rest and recover until it is time again to be reborn.

Those sacred Rites for the Dead, which were created in ancient times, and are once again reclaimed and recovered here in modern day Avalon, and the intention that guides them, are coming alive in the heart centre of the world.

From the lineage of Morgana, the first mentioned Death Priestess of Avalon, comes this new training in journeying the dying to the Isle, pass through the veil with them and take them beyond to the cosmic lake of souls.

This course is non-denominational, it is not geared towards any faith in particular. As long as your intention is to serve the dying in their hours of need, in sacredness and connection with the divine in which we are all rooted by whatever name or concept, you will find this course of use. How you go forward from here at the end of the course will be your free choice.

However, as tutor I declare my devotion to Goddess by Her many names. My faith will influence my delivery. You may take from that which is right for you. The skills and techniques taught are secular.

This course is a comprehensive training to become a Death Priestess/Priest of Avalon.

Death Priestess of Avalon

Course Venue and Times

Six of the Cycle Weekends take place in the Avalon Room, The Courtyard, Glastonbury Experience, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU from 10am – approx. 5pm.

With visits to appropriate venues.

Course Dates

22nd-24th October 2021
17th-19th December 2021
28th-30th January 2022
25th-27th March 2022
6th-8th May 2022
1st-3rd July 2022
12th-14th August 2022

Course Fees

Full Fee: £1,050.

Payment by instalments £1,090, which includes £40 one-off administration fee to cover our bank and Paypal costs.

Please note that to ensure your place on the course the non-refundable deposit of £300 must be paid within four weeks of acceptance by the tutor and by 8th October 2021, or by return if the tutor’s acceptance is after this date.

You may pay the balance of fees at any time up to the course start date of 22nd October 2021 or by eight monthly instalments of £98.75 beginning 29th October 2021, by standing order or online by Paypal.

Signed Terms & Conditions are an integral part of the course application process and should also be received by us within four weeks of your receiving confirmation of acceptance on the course.

Please make payments to: Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

How to apply for the course

You can find everything you need to apply for the course here.

Death Priestess of Avalon