Death Priestess of Avalon

with Bee Helygen, Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Cerridwen

Beginning 22nd October 2021

Ancient tree

Spiral One

In this course you will be exploring some of the history of ancient ways of laying the dead to rest, learning about alternative cultural views and finding from there an understanding of the ways our society and culture views death, cares for the dying and handles the deceased. It is our intention to make the way we are dealing with death in Western Society a more dignified, people centred blessing way. As we celebrate the birth of a child in our society, so we must now, in this new age of compassion and care, find a better way to allow all people to die with dignity and in peace.

You will be looking at the way our dying are cared for by assorted agencies and what we as Death Priestesses could offer to increase their comforts in their last months, weeks and days.

You will learn to offer advocacy and assistance in making their last wishes known to family, friends and their wider community including health care facilities and health care professionals.

You will learn how to guide them in making their wishes known in writing and legally.

You will learn to provide soul healing if asked for, sacred listening to patient and family, how to use energy healing combined with crystals, herbs, sound and essential oils were appropriate and requested.

You will be taught a variety of ceremonies for the dying person and funeral care after death.

You will be shown how to prepare a body for funeral.

For those willing to become guides to the soul after death we will show you the office of the psycho pomp. This work may not suit every applicant and is not a requirement for passing the course.

You will learn how to enter and leave the circle of people with whom you are working during your time with the patient. How to disconnect yourself gently from the soul bond when the time is right to let go.

This is a short synopsis of the skills, techniques and knowledge made available to you in this course. Please be aware that the course may highlight some unresolved issues regarding death for you, for which you will receive support. However, it is not in the remit of this course to act as psychotherapy. Any additional help recommended by the tutor should be followed up by the student in order to successfully complete the course.

Death Priestess of Avalon

Practical Skills you will learn:

Grounding & Centering, Emotional Self Care, Breath Work, Creating and Holding Sacred Space

Sacred Listening, Avalon Soul Healing™ for Self and Client

Psychology of the Dying Process, Visualization & Pathworking,

Working with other Professionals and Agencies, Companion during Treatments

ACP, Will Writing, End of Life Care Planning, Advocacy for the Dying Person

Soft Touch Energy Healing, Aromatherapy in Palliative Care

Crystal & Sound Healing in Palliative Care, Last Rite (with Sacred Anointing)

Soul Release, Preparing the Body, Legal Requirements after Death Support

Grief Work with Family and Friends/Bereavement Support

Funeral Celebrancy, Professional Practice Set up and Marketing Guidance

Insurance and DBS, Professional Association and Continued Professional Support

Death Priestess of Avalon