Empowerment of the Crone

Five Weekends 2021-22

Course Dates

1st Circle  27/28 November 2021

The Processes of Aging.

The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences of menopause and aging. Crones spiritual practice.

2nd Circle  8/9 January 2022

Life Lived by Crones

Taking stock of your life, the experiences you have had, lessons learned, mysteries revealed. What is left now for you to create, to experience?

3rd Circle  19/20 February 2022

Approaching Death and Return to Goddess

Goddess-centred Spiritual Practice. How do we approach death consciously, as we surrender into Her Presence.

4th Circle  12/13 March 2022

Sacred Stories of the Crone

Crones are the Keepers of Stories in our societies. Rewriting the stories that we tell.

5th Circle  9/10 April 2022

The Importance of the Crone, of the Grandmother in Society

Crones are largely absent as a resource of Wisdom in our societies. How can we change this?