13 Moons

with Iris Lican and Lila Nuit

Start Date: 17 October 2020 – 13 Online Circles

13 moons

An online course working with the ancient Celtic-Iberian Moon Calendar

Remembering  ancestral wisdom to live in presence with the Earth..

This course will help you develop a natural way of living with time in harmony with yourself, with Nature, all your relations and your role in the world.

It will give you a powerful tool for self-development, ecology and spirituality for your inner self that will bring awareness and depth into your work and your  role in the world.

There will be 13 monthly Online circles held near to the New Moon each month and beginning at Lunar Samhain, October 17th 2020.

With weekly study and practice materials.

Through the 13 Moons we will explore the:

  • Women’s Medicine Wheel
  • Medicinal and Magical Herbalism
  • Solar and Lunar Wheel of the Year
  • Celtic-Iberian shamanic practises
  • Animal Guides
  • Nutrition
  • Dream work

Iris Lican and Lila Nuit have been researching traditional and magical calendars and different wheels of the year for over a decade. The 13 Moons journey is the fruit of their in depth study and practice of the symbolic, practical, ecological, alchemical, shamanic and pagan layers of these ancient calendars.

It is a combination of Sacred and Feminine Ecology, the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the shamanic Medicine Wheel, power plants, trees, stones and animals.

Over the Lunar year we will recover the name and symbolic aspect of each Moon as a compass that enables us to be in a deeper state of presence and awareness, through living our cyclicity and the Earth’s seasons.

We will also work with the different lunar aspects at each month as well as the different animals, plants, trees and stones. Each month we will be studying essential medicinal aspects both through herbalism and nutrition, as a way to develop autonomy and a direct relation with the Nature surrounding us in order to become more conscious and able to regenerate our health and care for our well-being in deep harmony with the Earth Mother.

This work fosters and strengthens the connection between Body- Mind- Soul- Earth-Sky with the cycles of the human ages and seasons of the year, as we feel them on Earth through the influence of Sun and Moon. We will embrace both the green and the dark stages of the year, as night and day, light and shadow, cold and warmth complement each other and create a living dialogue within the land and within ourselves and all our relations. 

The circle has an ethical code and principles that keep our space safe and healthy and that we can apply in our lives as tools for improving the way we relate with our human and planetary families.

How does it work?

  • You will have exclusive access to the Feminine Consciousness Online Academy, where you will find new materials (text, audio) each week.
  • We have an online circle each month near the new moon. This circle will always be recorded, so you will get access to the audio in case you cannot be present.
  • The whole circle stays connected all year round through a secret facebook group where we can meet and share our feelings in privacy and trust.
Course Dates

Beginning at the New Moon before Samhain.


Circle 1- 17 October
Circle 2- 16 November
Circle 3- 15 December


Circle 4- 14  January
Circle 5- 12  February
Circle 6- 14  March
Circle 7- 13  April
Circle 8- 12  May
Circle 9- 11  June
Circle 10- 11 July
Circle 11-  9 August
Circle 12- 8 September
Circle 13- 7 October

All circles run from 6pm to 7.30pm, via Zoom.

British Summer Time and Western European Summer Time (used in Portugal) end on 25th October 2020, so please take care to check for Circle 1 time in your own location!


Full fee inclusive of 13 Moons: £845 (£65.00 per Moon circle)

A deposit of £65 reserves your place. You may also opt to pay for the seven circles from Samhain 2020 to Beltane 2021 inclusive, or from Beltane 2021 to near Samhain 2021 at a cost of £450 per seven circles. 

Payments may be made in full or by eight instalments of £101.88 per month from 19 October 2020 for 13 Circles, or for seven Circles, five instalments of £82 per month, from 19 October 2020 or 6 May 2021, depending on which set of seven Circles you choose.

Instalment payments for the full course include a £35 admin fee, reduced to £25 for seven Circles instalments.

There is more information about fee payments on the Application Page for the course.

How to apply for the course

You can find everything you need to apply on this page.

13 Moons