Zindra Andersson, Priestess of Avalon and Völva


Zindra Andersson is a Swedish Priestess of Freyja, Priestess of Avalon, a Völva and Shamanka. While living in Glastonbury / Avalon for 4 years she created her Priestess of Freyja / Way of the Völva trainings. The thing she loves the most with this work is to witness women rising in their true power, remembering who they are and their forgotten knowledge and wisdom.

Zindra has now return to Sweden, and runs workshops in healing and Norse shamanism in different countries.

Zindra created the highly appreciated course The Transformation Journey- a path into Self-Love. She has worked with old esoteric knowledge, shamanism and Seidr for many years in Sweden, exploring different forms of journeying in the Otherworlds. Her way is one of listening to the spirits and the land, believing that all wisdom is held in Her nature and its beings.

Zindra is a former actress and singer who is also a soul healer, working with sounds and different methods of releasing traumas and past life experiences.