Spiral One 2021-22

Course Start Date: 19/20/21 November 2021

Know Yourself

The first Spiral of four 3 day weekends travels through the dimensions of the Goddess Luminary Wheel focussing on your identity, clarity and authenticity as a leader. You will be encouraged to “know yourself”, to be Leaderful and to lead from your authentic values, unique voice, presence, love and wisdom beyond the restrictions of patriarchal and conventional beliefs and pressures.

Sources and types of power will be deeply explored and your own relationship to liberating power unleashed. By the end of Spiral One you will be confident in your unique leadership style, your autonomy, adaptability, awareness and discernment. You will be skilled in fostering liberating processes and effective outcomes. You will prepare impactful practical projects developed throughout the year which resonate with your own contribution to the world as Goddess powered radiant leaders. On successful completion you will make Dedication as Maieutic Luminary, She/He who brings to birth.

The Tor from Wearyall Hill
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Times of Circles

Friday from 9.30am to 6.30pm, Saturday from 9.30am to 6.30pm and Sunday from 10:00am to 4.00pm with breaks for lunch, and at mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as appropriate to fit the programme.


Each weekend will be held in Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NB

Course Dates

You can find all the course dates here.

More info

Students will receive support in between the weekends through a group Zoom call, Illumination Circles, Clearing Conversations and workbooks.

The training will include the keeping of a reflective journal and homework.

Course fee payments

Spiral One: Four three-day weekends. 

Full fee: £950 paid in full at the beginning of the course with a £100 deposit and the balance of £850 payable by 19 November 2021.

Please note that to ensure your place on the course the non-refundable deposit of £100 must be paid within four weeks of acceptance by the tutor. If you have applied within four weeks of the course start date your deposit must be received by 5 November 2021 at the latest, or by return if the tutor’s acceptance is after this date.

Payment by Instalments: £990 (includes £40 admin fee) – £100 deposit payable as above, plus 6 monthly instalments of £148.33 beginning 7 December 2021 by standing order or online by Paypal.

All instalment payments attract an administration fee of £40 to cover our banking and Paypal costs.

How to apply for the course

You can find everything you need to apply for the course here.

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