Spiral Two: Four 3-Day Weekends

Course Dates 2022-23

Weekend One – 25/26/27 November 2022

Discerning the Collective Wheel

Overview of Goddess Luminary Collective Wheel. Seeing the whole system. Applying the wheel in groups, communities, movements and organisations. Revealing group processes, understanding reactivity and moving through conflict and differences. Clarifying and birthing collective projects. Remembering your unique confidence, authenticity and power as Goddess Luminary Presence. Journeying through the Luminary change process. Expanding awareness and holding of group fields. Leading skilfully beyond conventional organisational forms.

Circle Ways and Shapeshifting.

Weekend Two –  17/18/19 February 2023

Powering Collective Luminary Fire, Flow and Culture

Co-creating healthy cultures. Igniting collective power through shared and Leaderful interventions. Edgewalking and Change Agency. Reinventing organisations. Burning through hubris and unconscious bias. Illuminating deep or hidden structures and cultures of power. Stepping deeper into your own unique collective Luminary Leaderful flow. Dissolving and healing collective shadow and immunity to change.

Weekend Three – 26/27/28 May 2023

Maturity and Abundance as Goddess Luminaries in the World

Co-creating unconventional forms of organisation and community. Leading from emergence. Maintaining sustainability and abundance in organisations. Gathering, integrating and harvesting all you have learnt, created and manifested. Finalisation of the gathering of your fruits to share and embody as Goddess Luminary in the world. Creating your Leaderful collage of abundance.

Weekend Four – 11/12/13 August 2023

Sharing of your fruits and projects with each other. Peer feedback and insights. Consolidation and reflections. Illuminating the world. Being the Change. Dedication as Goddess Luminary. Celebrations.

Students will receive support in between the weekends through a group Zoom call, Illumination Circles, Clearing Conversations and workbooks.