The Goddess Luminary Wheel
The Goddess Luminary Wheel

with Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE

Two Year, Two Spiral Training

The Goddess Luminary Wheel

Here’s what some previous students have said about the course

I now have a level of self-confidence in my own ability that was lacking before. This impacts every part of my life. In addition to this I’ve learnt a number of tools which I can build on.

This course offers the opportunity to grow as a person. It provides deep insight into how your shadow affects not only you but others around you and in my case it provided me with valuable learnings on how I can be authentic in my spirituality in an environment where my beliefs and values are not the norm.


Fantastic weekend on the Luminary Leadership training programme with Lynne Sedgmore… exploring power mapping, constructive dissent and power dynamics. Fascinating discussions on cultural differences, and enneagram subtypes…. all helps give insights and deeper understanding into personal, group and collective power. 


I feel more empowered and confident in my presentation and role as a Luminary leaderful leader, both in my work and in my personal relationships. 


I have grown as an individual and have become leaderful. I understand through the enneagram how others may respond differently to me within my organisation and I have learnt to be a very good listener and to let everyone be heard and held in sacred space.