The Goddess Luminary Wheel
The Goddess Luminary Wheel

with Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE

Two Year, Two Spiral Training

Here’s what some previous students have said about the course

The most important gain for me personally is the ability to take the learnings from the course and apply them immediately to my working environment. Lynne is a fantastic teacher and has developed the Goddess Luminary Wheel in such a way it can be applied to leadership roles across all environments.

I would highly recommend the training for anyone who is interested in effecting change in their own leadership style and wishes the ability to influence change in their immediate surroundings be it personal or professional!


The Luminary Course came at the right time in my life when I needed clarity, meaning and action in mine and others ways of leading. I know with the support, reflection and input from both Lynne Sedgmore and other students I am well equipped and more than ready to be a Luminary Leader out in the world. This course is truly life changing and life affirming!


I love being on the course, many a time I’ve sent you gratitude for my discoveries about myself and the world and sustained practices etc.. Thank you thank you so much. xxx


I just wanted to thank you for another powerful and beautiful weekend. It moved me deeply and I’m still processing a lot of wonderful insights around it and loving my new connection to the word power.


For me the Luminary course has opened unexpected doors which have led to extraordinary realisations both on a personal level and in my working life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their spiritual journey. The structure and the teaching on the course is outstanding and has led me to make some profound personal realisations and to develop my vision for this lifetime.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.


The Luminary training is an inspiring and empowering course and I would recommend it to everyone! I began the course when I was entering the world of leadership and it helped me to find my place within it, and helped me to develop my own authentic leadership style. Lynne is an excellent teacher who beautifully weaves together spirituality and leadership and has created an amazing, unique, life-changing training. Her wisdom, experience and guidance are exceptional. She has been such a huge support and mentor to myself, and the group. I am eternally grateful for all that you have done –  thank you Lynne!


If you are wondering how to change your life for the better then do this course. It is truly wonder full! Lynne skilfully harnesses the energy of the numinous to a new interpretation of what it is to lead in a world starving for meaning. Through personal development, lots of ‘aha’ moments, much laughter and some tears she teaches us how to be an authentic embodiment of light in the world. Lynne is an acclaimed inspirational educator and offers her vast experience with infectious generosity. She chips away your unneeded outer layers skilfully revealing the Luminary within, polishing your edges until you are ready to unfurl your flowered wings and fly!


Such an amazing course. Lynne prepares every weekend with so much love, every detail fits so beautifully. She shares all her wisdom and experiences so openly and gives so many insights from a wide range of literature as well as all the extensive work she has done. Every weekend is full of practical learning combined with theoretical background – really profound work. I feel so safe and seen for who I am in this course. Lynne is so generous with her loving support. This training has had a huge impact on my life already – so much understanding and inspiration. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to everyone who wants to lead and manifest their dreams and vision.


The Goddess Luminary course is inspirational, thought provoking, poignant, fun and simply the best way to develop balanced leadership. Lynne is a skilled teacher and mentor who provides a programme that is stimulating, participatory and incredibly enjoyable. I have learnt so much too from all the wonderful people on the course and would say if you are wondering whether to do this course – go for it!


The  Goddess Luminary course came to me at a time when I was searching for something but didn’t know what it was and this course has far exceeded my  expectations. I have received inspiration, guidance, knowledge and support from Lynne and the other wonderful people in this group of a level in so many different ways. The course has helped me to re-find myself. It has also enabled me to develop and deliver projects that I have been wanting to achieve but hadn’t quite known where to start. I would recommend this course to anyone that feels in need of direction or inspiration.


The Luminary training has given me so much insight into the way I am a spiritual leader. Lynne is an amazing, authentic and very generous teacher-trainer-coach, who has incredible knowledge and experience on both leadership theory and practice as well as on spiritual ways to support this (Goddess Gnosis). Working with different aspects and layers of leadership, from the personal to the practical, really helped me to gain a deeper understanding of my role as leader in my work. Thank you so much, Lynne!


We all have the ability to be leaderful, to bring forward our ability to inspire others and share the journey into a different kind of future. Leadership reimagined for the 21st century – check out the Luminary course facilitated by Lynne Sedgmore.

Susie Q