Morgen Priestess Training

Nexus One

Course Outline and Dates

Morgen Priest/ess


 February 5th 2022

This course is grounded in the Sacred Land and Seasons of Avalon and lit by the guiding Moon. It is held within the energetic embrace of the Lady of Avalon.

The Experience of Snow – Tumbling with Thitis

February 6th 2022

Of not knowing, of Serpents, Swans and Wolves. Of tracking a scent. Of opening doors for yourself and others. Responsibility and inspiration.

The Experience of Sunshine – Rising with Cliton

April 23rd 2022

Of jumping at the Sun, of primrose tea and red healing oil. Of Starbear and Leaping Hare. Of tension and desire. Of the Crescent Moonbow. Daring and focus. Fire

The Experience of Cloud – Balancing with Thetis

April 24th 2022

Of gifts taken and offered. Mirror and Comb, of the Mooncrown. Masks and Veils.

The Experience of Rain – Floating with Gliten

July 16th 2022

Of roaring waters and still, deep source pools. Of flow and Ebb. Of dolphin, dissolution, remembrance and the Moonshell. Fidelity and serenity.

The Experience of Warmth – Swooping with Glitonea

July 17th 2022

Of golden fields and full moon feast, of white hind and hive mind. Of sweetness and sharing, gratitude and respect.

The Experience of Earth – Landing with Moronoe

October 15th 2022

Of sturdy roots and safe storage, of badger and blackbird. Of compost and protection. Of the Moonbreeze. Beauty and Reality.

The Experience of Storm – Flying with Mazoe

October 16th 2022

Of Toad and Hawk, of the Black Cloak. Finally letting go – of flying high and fast. Freedom and the Moonchase.

The Experience of Space – Soaring with Tyronoe

January 7th 2023

Of the view from above, Towers of Power and loops in time. Of owl and spider, of the patterns within the silver web and glittering dreams.

The Experience of Mist – Spiralling with Morgen La Fey

January 8th 2023

Of gold and silver apples, the Well of memory and renewal, of cat and crow.

Of revelation and Moondance. Magic and Mystery.

The last weekend will culminate in a ceremony of self-actualisation as a 

Morgen Sibyl of Avalon