Nexus Three

Course Outline 2024

Morgen Priest/ess
Morgen Priest/ess

Weave One – 2 days

March 9th-10th 2024  

Edges Establishing liminality. Healing.


Weave Two – 2 days

May 11th-12th 2024

 Warp Attachments, Divination, Dancing the Seasons. 


Weave Three – 2 days

June 29th-30th 2024

Weft Realities, Oracling. Dancing the Ages.


Weave Four – 5 days

September 9th-13th 2024

 Axis Dimensions. Patterns of Chaos. Analysis, synergy and catalysis.

On this final week you will be given the opportunity to self-dedicate as a


Morgen Priestess of Avalon