Morgen Priestess Training

Nexus Two

Course Outline and Dates

This course is an inward flight into personal and radical alchemy, lit by the patterning Moon. There is a large practical element to ground your experience into reality with the creation of your own Morgen Elixir. The processes are held within the energetic resonance of the Lady of Avalon, Goddess of Transformation.

All sessions include practical application of the Morgenical Arts of Oracling, Divination and Healing.  

Morgen Priest/ess
Morgen Priest/ess

Orientation February 11th 2023

The Practice of Distillation – Thitis – Febuary 12th 2023

The Practice of Radiation – Cliton – May 20th 2023

The Practice of Re-elation – Thetis – May 21st 2023

The Practice of Dissolution – Gliten – August 12th 2023

The Practice of Fermentation – Glitonea – August 13th 2023

The Practice of Separation – Moronoe – October 14th 2023

The Practice of Concentration – Mazoe – October 15th 2023

The Practice of Crystallisation – Tyronoe – January 6th 2024

The Experience of Sublimation – Morgen La Fey – January 7th 2024


The last session will culminate in a ceremony of realisation as a

Morgen Shapeshifter