Priestess and Priest of Mother Earth

Serving Mother Earth and Her Creations

Two Year Spiral Training

Course Start Posponed until Autumn 2022

Mother Earth is calling to us deeply in our souls. She loves us and we are Her children – our bones, blood and flesh created of Her. Right now, She is telling us that it’s time to connect deeply with Her to feel the depth of this love, connection, holding, grounding, healing and presence, and to experience ourselves as Her creations and to see all Her creations as our earth family. She created our earthly container for our infinite soul so when we root our spirit we are held and safe to be all that we are and shine brightly. She wants to show us that we have all the healing from Her and inner wisdom to make the necessary changes for all on planet earth. This exciting, brand new Priestess of Mother Earth training is for all those who know they have a purpose here on earth to serve earth or any of Her creations. You might not know what that purpose is and this training creates the possibility to reveal your earthly mission. Or, you may have an inkling or more and sense that this deeper connection and healing from and with Mother Earth will reveal your next steps, firmly here on her body. 

Art by Kat Shaw

Art by Kat Shaw

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