Rachel Harris, Priestess of Avalon

RachelRachel Harris is a Priestess of Avalon, Founder and Tutor of Priestess/Priest of Mother Earth and a Director/Weaver of Goddess House Healing Social Enterprise. Rachel is an international Intuitive Healer and Clairvoyant Medium, Channel and Oracle of Mother Earth. She also offers live transmissions from The Lady of Avalon in Her seasonal aspects at Goddess House. She has been a Weaver at Goddess House since 2018 and is one of three Directors to co-create and hold the brand new 2020 Goddess House Healing Social Enterprise. She will dedicate as a Goddess Luminary in summer 2020. She loves to hold space, guide and offer healing where necessary for others to find their own deep connection with Mother Earth and sovereignty so we can illuminate ourselves, our communities and all life we care about, here on our beautiful HOME. (Here On Mother Earth) Her heart’s desire is for everyone to remember that they are a child of Mother Earth and to experience that deep connection, wisdom, healing from nature and love so that we can live in respect and harmony with Mother Earth and all of Her creations.