First Spiral

Become a Daughter/Son of Mother Earth

Awakening into Her Presence, Love and Wisdom

The first spiral is about remembering our relationship with Mother Earth and Her nature and rhythms. How to find our deep connection, gratitude, love and our own rhythm with Her. As we heal and remember we can begin to feel ourselves being from Her, a part of Her and all our natural surroundings. We will experience the main elements and seasons here in Avalon and the surrounding natural beauty and environment. You will also be encouraged to connect deeply with your land where you live and the energies of it. We are encouraged to have fun and commune with Her in Her nature and learn how to grow, nurture and care for plants/herbs alongside caring for ourselves with the energy of the seasons.

When we remember that we are Her children, we begin to see ourselves differently in relationship with Her. We see ourselves not only from but of earth, not just visitors. First Peoples of Earth carry this earth wisdom and we can also gain a greater understanding of our connection and interdependence with all of life here on earth.

Aspects of Mother Earth

In this First spiral training you are invited to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth and to access earth wisdom which has been forgotten due to seeing ourselves as separate from Her and forgetting Her natural patterns and rhythms and our connection with that through our own rhythms. This is an offering to dance on Her land, embrace Her trees, immerse in Her waters, breath in Her air more deeply, let go in Her caves, feel Her presence in all Her embodiments including ourselves. We can heal our relationship with Her and remember how to nurture the earth and be nurtured whilst growing gratitude for all that She gives. We accept the invitation to awaken into Her presence, love and wisdom by experiencing throughout Her seasons for ourselves. Guests will be invited to share their expertise and service of Mother Earth, such as activists, healers and teachers.

Photo by Miranda Hartwell

Photo by Miranda Hartwell

Times of Circles

Weekends in Avalon: 10:00am – 5:00pm with breaks. Friday 17 September gratitude dinner until 7pm.

Online Saturday morning: 10:30am – 1.00pm


Location: Banbha Room, Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EJ

What to bring

What to bring: journal, water bottle, warm, comfortable and water proof clothes; sturdy walking shoes as we go out on the land come rain or shine! Clothes and shoes for gardening. If you want to bring your own gardening gloves you can.

Spiral One course outline & dates

During the year the Eight Circle course includes five 3 day weekends taking place in Glastonbury, interspersed with 3 shorter Zoom online meetings.

You can see all the course dates here.

Course fee payments

Full Fee: £905.00 (includes tools and materials for planting and caring for vegetables/herbs). Paid in full at the beginning of the course – £100 deposit payable within four weeks of acceptance by the tutor. If you have applied within four weeks of the course start date your deposit must be received by 5  March 2021, and by return if the tutors acceptance is after this date.

Balance of £805.00 payable by 19 March 2021.

Payment by instalments: £945.00 (includes £40 admin fee) – £100 deposit payable as above plus 8 monthly instalments of £105.62 beginning 29 March 2021, by standing order or online by Paypal.

All instalment payments attract a £40 admin fee to cover banking and Paypal costs.

How to apply for the course

You can find everything you need to apply for the course here.