Course Dates


Course Dates

10th/11th February 2024

Seeking the Muse within

This weekend we will explore our relationship with our own creativity, finding the pathways into our unique creative expression and language. We will explore creativity as an ancestral gift, listening to our dreams and telling our stories.

6th/7th April 2024

Through the Creative fire

Bringing our ideas to life requires a certain courage, a stepping out of the way to allow what wants to come though to be freely expressed.This weekend we will be fanning the flames of creativity and unleashing our creative fire through love and presence.


25th/26th May 2024

Exploring our gifts

Our personal content in our work is our greatest gift. We will explore making ‘as an act of love’ and a place of visionary leadership, breathing in Her essence and bringing Her alive in all we are and all we do.

10th/11th August 2024

Rebirthing the Muse and reclaiming our creative birthright

We will be reweaving the stories of the birth, death life mother and stepping into a fully embodied relationship with our Muse as the eternal informing creatrix of our lives.