The Way of the Oracle Priestess/Priest

Spiral One: Course Dates and Details

All Sessions run from 6pm – 9pm  GMT except where stated otherwise

Session One: Saturday 27th January

Twenty-first century Oracle

We will look at the bigger picture of where we are in time and space on this earth and how Goddess is inviting us to respond to the soul needs of our time.

What is your unique, developing purpose as an Oracle, what is your service to Goddess on earth at this time?

Sally will bring through Goddess to speak to you and welcome you to Her Inner Temple.

Session Two: Saturday 17th February

Entering and strengthening our Group Temple

Establishing the principles of working in harmony as a group, creating our Inner Temple together, working with the power of the group.

Creating and declaring your sacred intention and will.

Journeying to the Heart of Goddess to receive Her Blessing for your work and service to Her.

Session Three: Saturday 16th March

The “Mechanism” of Mediumship

Sally will help you recognise the psychic abilities you already have and how to develop them in service to Goddess.
She will help you understand what is happening inside your body, heart and mind as you prepare yourself to be Her communication vessel.

Goddess is inside you, around you, in all that is, inside the people who come to you as Her Oracle. Your work as an Oracle is to interpret and translate Her Presence into words and images to help people who come seeking your help to unlock Her Presence within themselves.

Session Four: Saturday 6th April
6pm – 9pm BST (British Summer Time)

Expanding your Light Body

In order to hold the Presence of Goddess within your being so that She may speak through you, you need to expand your light body. Sally will teach you her way to achieve this expansion. You will need to commit to a daily practice of opening and closing your chakras and increasing your inner awareness of emotional and mental habits you need to enhance or heal and clear.

Sally will recommend various aids to help you grow the radiance of your light body, including the use of crystals, invocations, diet, and daily mental, emotional and physical exercises to ensure your mind, heart, and body are fit for the purpose, as this is very demanding work in every way.

Session Five: Saturday 27th April
6pm – 9pm BST

Safety and Psychic Protection

Sally will talk deeply on this important subject. When you invoke the Supreme Light of Goddess Presence, you begin to set up a strong Field of Her Light Energy, your Temple of Light, which grows and expands each time you enter it. However, you must never take anything for granted but always pray and invoke protection and the presence of benign helpers and guardians of your Inner Temple of Light.

Sally will encourage you to create your own Affirmations and Invocations that you need to practise every day as you become more and more deeply committed to your work as Her Oracle. In this circle there will also be more explanation of ways you may use crystals to protect yourself and your Inner Temple.

Session Six: Saturday 18th May
6pm – 9pm BST

Identifying your Inner Team of guides and helpers

As we discussed in the last circle, in order to create safety for yourself in the astral plane (the world of light closest to the physical world), it is of vital importance that you tune into the presence of the benign spirit beings who are journeying with you in your life on earth. You are not alone. Just as you have family and friends on earth, you have a large community of friends and beloveds on the inner plane who love you and want the very best for you. But just as your physical friendships require your attention and love, so you also need to bring your attention and love to your inner circle, your Inner Team of Lightworkers and friendly relations. Sally will share with you how to strengthen your relationships with guardians, guides, helpers and friends in the spirit world.

Session Seven:  Saturday 8th June
6pm – 9pm BST

Working with the Group Energy

There is so much to learn from one another. The art of deep listening and the practice of deep sensitivity are vital in this work. You must be able to hear and express the voice of your own soul and then be able to open up to hear the heart and soul of another. Sometimes this is the most challenging part of the training, finding the space within you to deeply care about yourself and others.

Goddess is that deep unconditional love and caring that transcends personality differences, judgement, and emotional reactiveness. Whether or not you feel comfortable engaging and communicating personally with others, you will be required to work within groups of three or four people in “breakout rooms” online to discuss and express the topics and subjects that Sally will intuit at that time.

Session Eight: Saturday 29th June
6pm – 9pm BST

Healing and Integration: part one

Sally places a great deal of emphasis in this area known as ‘healing’. As you know, the process of healing is a process of becoming whole.

In Sally’s view this is a journey of many lifetimes and certainly of her lifetime here and now; you do not have to be entirely healed and whole in order to be a vessel through which Goddess may speak in ceremony and on special occasions which you prepare yourself for. However it is important to always be humble and willing to own the truth of your emotions and woundings, your ‘faults’ and ‘failings’, for Goddess is Truth in every way and cannot be present if you are living in Falsehood.

Working in smaller groups, each one will be asked to share the naked truth about your wounding, pains and sorrows, the hardships and challenges of your life, as deeply as you are able. You will be required to listen compassionately to one another while also remaining aware of your own internal reactions and working on yourself all the while to avoid judgement and criticism.

Sally will share some spiritual and emotional “tools” that can be of great assistance in your inner healing journey.

Session Nine: Saturday 20th July
6pm – 9pm BST

Healing and Integration: part two

Following on from the last circle, Sally will lead you deeper into understanding your thoughts, emotions and sensations. Your entire being is the instrument you are attuning to your higher consciousness, to the Goddess Presence within you. There is nothing superfluous or unnecessary in your life or in your being, except that you need to pay deep attention to yourself and understand the nature of the instrument that you are.
You need to be able to use the equipment you have at your disposal in order to recognise where Goddess resides within you and how to clear your inner channels and allow Her to come through the often crowded areas of your mind, heart and body.
Sally will introduce various emotional and spiritual “tools” she works with to help heal your emotional body and clear your communication channels within.

Session Ten: Saturday 10th August
6pm – 9pm BST

The “Akashic Records”, ancestors, healing the past

Sally will simplify some of the elaborate names and concepts which often confuse and mystify the seeker of truth, such as how to access the “Akashic records” and what this really means. Goddess is straightforward, simple and entirely accessible when you connect from your heart and your deep intuition.

Sally will guide you in how to connect to the flow of soul seeing, knowledge and information that comes to you when your intentions of love and service are pure and strong, and how to express this received deep wisdom into words and images that you can share with another. In this circle Sally will lead you on an inner journey to meet your personal Akashic Record Keepers and look into some of the stories of your bloodlines and ancestors that have led you to now.

Session Eleven: Saturday 7th September
6pm – 9pm BST

Oracling in Her Nature
The Voice of The Earth Mother
The voices of Her Power plants, trees, mountains, rivers and oceans
The voices of Her Power beings and elementals

Goddess is the earth, the planets, the moons and suns and stars and all that is. It is possible that our souls have experienced many aspects of Goddess manifesting throughout the universe, but in this life we have chosen to incarnate as earth beings, we have come here especially to live upon and with Mother Earth.

In this circle Sally will talk about the importance of connecting with Goddess as the earth, as all Her creatures with all their qualities and powers, as Her plants, flowers, trees, and all the elemental beings, and the importance of healing the alienation from nature that so many souls experience.

Sally will speak of how a deep and fundamental duty we have as Her Oracles is to bring human souls back into connection with the Living Earth Goddess we walk within and upon every day of our life, whether we live in the country or in the city.

Sally will lead you on a deep journey into the Heart of Mother Earth to hear what She says to you and how She wishes you to serve Her.

Session Twelve: Saturday 5th October
6pm – 9pm BST

The Goddess is within you
Different ways of Her expression through you
Goddess Creativity

You are now fully engaged with this journey of deep understanding of the miraculous and extraordinary nature of your being, your Goddess nature. You are surely more in touch with yourself deep within and you have more understanding of what it takes to become a Priestess/Priest Oracle.

Sally will share some more ways that you can enhance and intensify your experience of the presence of Goddess within you.

As you relax and surrender more and more into Her, She is leading you on your own path to Her Heart, and you experience ever more deeply how She dwells within you.

Sally will encourage you to create something for Goddess, or in another way of speaking, to receive something for yourself from Goddess within you. Perhaps you would like to write a poem, a song, a short story. Perhaps you love to make things, make a doll, some jewellery, or other beautiful craft object, or perhaps you love to paint or make something with clay. Or perhaps you love to dance Her into being present in your body. In the next circle we will have the opportunity to witness what you have created.

Session Thirteen: Saturday 26th October
6pm – 9pm BST

Overview, Strengthening and Empowerment: part one –  Looking at yourself. Building your Confidence

Would you like to share what you have created since the last circle, your Goddess art, poetry, music, craft?

What do you need to do more of, or less of, in order to feel more confident as Oracle of Goddess?

Look back over the year. Look through your journal. What were your strengths and weaknesses? Appreciate all the progress you have made. What is easy for you and what is hard? Do you have particular resistances to the inner work? Or the outer work? What did you notice happening inside you with the different practices and exercises?

What intentions do you need to set in order to go deeper with your practice?

Are there particular blocks and challenges you are still experiencing?

In consideration of all of this, Sally will ask Goddess to speak to you in this circle, and lead you towards more confidence and self-love, to empower you as you develop deeper and deeper connection with Her within yourself.

Session Fourteen: Sunday 24th November, 6-10pm GMT

Final circle of Spiral One

Overview, Strengthening and Empowerment: part two

Do you believe in yourself? Do you feel ready to be the vessel and instrument for the Goddess to speak through you?

You will be encouraged to start allowing Goddess to speak through you to friends and associates.

In this last circle you will be invited to Oracle in the group if you feel able and ready.

The last circle will be one hour longer to make time for a transmission from Goddess through Sally. Sally believes this transmission will be either from The Lady of Avalon, Nolava, or Goddess Isis, Isa Isa, but she cannot determine in advance which beloved deity will come to speak to you at that time.

Glastonbury Tor
Tor from across the Brue
Swan on misty Brue
Chalice Well