In the Heart of the Goddess

Priestess of Avalon Training

Becoming a Priest/ess Vivien 2021-22

Six Circles beginning 28th/29th August 2021

Kathy Jones

It is important as a Priestess or Priest of Goddess and of Avalon to continue to develop our skills in service to the Lady of Avalon. This 6 weekend advanced Priestess Vivien training is a means to further develop and expand your priestessing skills on the Sacred Isle of Glastonbury Avalon, so that you might teach and mentor others on their journeys to meet and experience Goddess.

Each Circle will include outer and inner journeying to the Sacred Isle of Glastonbury Avalon, with visits to an inner teaching centre on the Isle, called the Priest/ess Conservatory. There we will learn directly from Vivien, the inner Priestess Teacher and Mentor. We will delve more deeply into Priestess skills, which may have only been touched upon briefly in your original Priestess Training.

Each weekend we will make further physical explorations of the Sacred Isle visiting one or more of the energetic chakras of Her body. We will explore the effects of Goddess mudras and songs which arise out of the Lady’s presence in the landscape of Glastonbury Avalon, allowing us to deepen our connection to Her.

We will explore the energetics of creating effective and transformative Ceremonies for Goddess, developing our abilities to Priestess in ceremonies and all situations, working as a central leading priestess and in groups of priestesses. We will develop the use of voice and sound to generate energy for healing and embodiment. We will deepen our practices of Oracling and Embodiment of Goddess, again both singly and in groups. We will practice Shapeshifting, experiencing animal, bird and human transformations as a healing practice.

We will enter the inner sacred places of Avalon, exploring its outer, inner, secret and most secret landscapes. We will explore the Forests of Memory to recognise and retrieve the forgotten experiences that control us in this life, so that we might heal and be transformed in Her love. We will climb the inner mountain landscapes to see beyond the challenges of the present, to gain perspective and guide others. We will enter the Heart Gardens of Avalon to visit Her Healing Temple where we might be healed. We will visit the Temple of the Lady of Avalon to receive Her blessings and to become aligned with our Soul Purpose for this life.

On successful completion of this training participants will become a Priestess Vivien or Priest Vivien, who has deeper knowledge of the Sacred Isle of Avalon and who is skilful in teaching and mentoring others.

This advanced Training is based partly on a new book about the Secret Hidden Land of Avalon that Kathy has been writing during Covid lockdown, which will hopefully be published by the beginning of the course..

To participate in this Priest/ess Vivien Training you need to have successfully completed all Three Spirals of the Priestess of Avalon Training.

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Times of Circles

Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm, with some early and late extensions.


Goddess Hall, Glastonbury, with excursions into the Sacred Landscape. Bring suitable clothing and shoes for the vagaries of the weather.

Course Dates

You can find all the course dates here.

Course Fee Payments

Payment in full: £720 for 6 weekend circles.

A few bursaries are available.

Payment by instalments £754, which includes a £34 one-off administration fee to cover our bank and Paypal costs.

Please note that to ensure your place on the course the non-refundable deposit of £100 must be paid within four weeks of acceptance by the tutor. If you have applied within four weeks of the course start date your deposit must be received by 14 August 2021 at the latest, or by return if the tutor’s acceptance is after this date. The balance is due by 28th August 2021.

You may pay the balance of fees at any time up to the course start date, or by 6 instalments of £109 beginning 30 August 2021.

Signed Terms & Conditions are an integral part of the course application process and should also be received by us within four weeks of your receiving confirmation of acceptance on the course.

Please make payments to: Glastonbury Goddess Temple.


How to apply for the course

You can find everything you need to apply for the course here.