Priestess of Cerridwen

Two Year, Two Spiral Training

with Bee Helygen, Priestess of Cerridwen, Priestess of Avalon

Meeting the Goddess of the Cauldron of Testing, Transformation and Rebirth


Allow Cerridwen, Goddess of Transformation, Surrender, Inspiration and Renewal, to enter your life. Follow Her call and find your highest calling. Becoming Her Priestess or Priest is a most rewarding vocation. In service to Her you will find within yourself a deep caring and love for others. Loving devotion to Cerridwen builds a strong foundation on which you can rely in times of self doubt, fear and soul suffering. She is the presence of support beside you, She holds you whenever you call on Her. When you falter, She is the hand beneath your arm, holding you upright until you are ready to step out strong again and face the world.

We call Her ‘our Mother of Darkness’, because when we are in our shadow, when the world is a scary place, She holds us safely in Her arms. There is no greater kindness to be found in this world, or in the Other. In the comfort of Her womb cauldron we lay, sleep, rest, dream and heal, rising more determined each cycle into Her great light, ready to serve all existences when called upon.

From this powerful connection between the divinity within you to Her, you draw strength for your work. You are Her conduit to those who need Her help and guidance, Her presence in their life. Her message is one of compassionate caring love for All, complete empathy and forgiveness.

Her arrival announces change, a time of spiritual healing and soul expansion, first for yourself and then by assisting others to feel Her solace.

By becoming Her Priest-ess you are often called on to facilitate during times of transition and change, using ritual and ceremony, holding sacred space for intense transformational work.

Avalon Soul Healing™, Swynwraig Energy Healing and Funeral Celebrancy are certified parts of the course, which you will receive on completion of the set work and case studies.

The Priestess/Priest of Cerridwen training can be taken in two different ways:

Two Spiral Glastonbury-based in-person Training – 8 x 2 day weekends throughout the year with visits to Lake Bala at the end of each Spiral.

Two Spiral Interactive Online Training – each Spiral comprises postings of course information and practices with optional visits to Lake Bala at the end of the Spiral.