Priestess of Cerridwen

Two Year, Two Spiral Training

with Bee Helygen, Priestess of Cerridwen, Priestess of Avalon

Meeting the Goddess of  the Cauldron of Testing, Transformation and Rebirth

Amazing Cerridwen mural in Goddess House by Suzy "Goose" Edwards

In 2021-22 Bee Helygen is taking a break from teaching the Glastonbury-based First Spiral of the Priestess of Cerridwen Training. 

She will be teaching an Online First Spiral of the Priestess of Cerridwen Training with Retreats beginning at Samhain 2021 for 2021-22.

Cerridwen’s Words – Her origin myth guides our path.

In the Peniarth manuscripts that now reside in the National Library of Wales, are collected the greatest myths and legends of the Brythonic Celts, who once ruled the whole of the Britannic (after the Celtic tribe) Isles. One of those stories, in Llyfr Taliesin, is about Cerridwen. One of the Ladies of the Lake, Her story has been told for millennia, in the way of the ancient Druids, “Mouth to Ear”. Bardic offerings are very welcome on this course.

She is called an Enchantress, Sorceress, Swynwraig (magical Herbwise). Cerridwen’s realm lies at Llyn Tegid/Lake Bala, which we visit twice during our training, to enter into a transforming relationship with the Goddess. We base our learning in the story of how Taliesin, greatest Bard of Britain, was born from the Goddess Cerridwen after first being chased and swallowed by Her. We will explore the epic poems of The Battle of the Trees, The Spoils of Annwn, amongst others praising Cerridwen as Moon Goddess, Fertility Goddess and Goddess of Divine Inspiration. Decoding the wisdom of the Triads, and the Englynion, spell songs of the Celtic people, we will enter into a deeper understanding of how our ancestors lived and worshipped nature as deity. Some Welsh terms taught.

Cerridwen’s Power Animals and Shapeshifting

Initiation is facilitated in Her myth by the animals of land, sea and sky, the three sacred realms of the Celtic people. Here we explore all that was considered divine, secret and enchanting. The shape shifting abilities of the Goddess and Her young quarry echo the great age of the tribal Wise Women and Men, who later became Her bards, ovates and druids as described by the Roman historians in their writings. Raven, hawk, hen, otter, salmon, greyhound, hare etc. are part of this extraordinary adventure into the OtherWorld of Magic and Mystery, and we travel with them in this epic journey into us. Their presence in this Her-story evokes the shamanic tradition of the ancient matrilineal people, at a time when there was peace in the world. How much we can learn from them today, if we tune in to our innate ability to hear their teachings, lies with us.

Crystal Healing

Introduction to the darkbright crystals of Cerridwen and their healing properties. Cerridwen is the mistress of the Crystal Cave. As Her Priest-esses we travel both psychically and physically into Her Cave of healing crystals, deep in the earth, where you become rooted and grow from courage, into a connection with all existences. You will encounter the spirits of the crystals and learn to create a harmonious, mutually beneficial alliance with them to aid you in your work. The care you take in commencing and nurturing that relationship will be reflected in the healing powers conferred upon you by those beings. Includes Mandalas and Crystal Healing grids.

Herbal Lore and Use for Healing

The nine herbs of Cerridwen, their use in modern healing and their practical application: lotions, potions, essences, oils…….

You will discover the properties of the herbs, how to identify them in nature, when the best time is to harvest for use, how to connect and communicate with the spirit of the plant to ask for their aid in your work. Then we combine them into alchemical elixirs, incense, teas, decoctions, herbal wraps, poultices and much more. You will experience their potencies in freshly brewed infusions, and in nutritious meals. We are what we eat and imbibe, many people nowadays will need a hand to return to their full potential and herbs open the portal to true wellness.

Introducing the Return of the Celtic Tea Ceremony – Circle of Wise Women and Sages.

Tree Spirits and their Healing Power

Introduction to the nine sacred trees of Cerridwen, based on the teachings of the ancient Celtic belief in tree spirits as allies, their guidance and protection. Visiting the trees, learning how to communicate with them, to allow them to heal our subtle bodies and be at peace with the natural world is our aim. Creating your own connection with Her nine trees, asking for a gift of its branches to fashion into a wand, staff and a divination set, so that you may call on your tree spirit ally wherever you are. You learn to trust in the presence and power of their ancient knowledge and wisdom, as we honour our standing sisters and brothers, paying attention to all they wish to teach us.

Serving as a Sacred Listener/Soul Ally

The role of Soul Ally is that of a spiritual companion. First we deal with our own shadow with compassion and self-care, healing old wounds and holding up the dark mirror for self reflection without fear of repeating harming behaviour patterns. Only then can we let go of all that stops us from being the best version of our present incarnation and be of service to others. We practice empathy, unconditional positive regard and a loving presence for all, refusing to indulge in judgment and competition. This introduction to Sacred Listening skills can lead to an expansion of your Priestessing skillset into spiritual counselling.

Soul & Death Midwifery

You will work towards understanding and practising the ongoing process of soul retrieval, soul healing & soul expansion. The soul is the part of us that is eternal, we work with past lives, present and future incarnations. The reading of Akashic Records is part of our skill set. Connecting with the soul for healing is required, therefore you will learn to connect with your own Ancestral and Soul DNA.

You will learn to aid the long term/terminally sick and their families, by holding space for your sisters and brothers on the course first. Then, from diagnosis, through treatment until full recovery or death, you will be the shoulder to lean on for your clients. You work towards being part of a healthcare team, bringing your unique position to supporting all who come into contact with the patient, if possible. Taking responsibility for the soul’s transition from the body; caring for the dying is the most sacred priestess service of all. It takes a great soul to be able to do this work.

Funeral Celebrant

Dealing with the protocol of the last wishes of the deceased, liaising with their loved ones, supporting them through the days from death leading to the funeral, conducting the internment ceremony and continuing that support until they are ready to let you go. As a death midwife and funeral celebrant you can give all concerned a ‘good death’ experience, a gift that cannot be cherished too highly.

Site Visits during the course: West Kennet Long Barrow, Avebury Moon Temple, White Spring, Avalon Orchard, Tor, Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey. Some of these may require entrance fee.