Priestess of Cerridwen

Spiral One – Six three-day and one four-day weekends

Course Dates & Content 2020-21

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Cauldron Cycle One: 16 – 18 October 2020: 3 Days

Initiatrix – Seeking the Cauldron of Wisdom
Practical: Despacho Ceremony & Invoking the Goddess

Diving into the deep dark womb cauldron of the Celtic Mother Goddess, we face our inner Shadow Dancer, admit our fears and find their cause, forgive ourselves and others. Self awareness is key to the process of releasing old ballast. Learning healthy ways of engaging with destructive patterns, we face the Cauldron of Testing, guarded by the 9 (naw) morwynion – the original nine maidens, keepers of truth and justice. Are you worthy to walk the path? Are you strong enough in your devotion? Using psychotherapeutic/spiritual counselling tools for uncovering unhelpful behaviour patterns rooted in old wounds. 

Cauldron Cycle Two:  18 – 20 December 2020: 3 Days

Mam Ysbrydoliaeth, Enchantress, Seeress
Practical: Smudge Fan, Incense creation, Essential Oils for Healing

Using the power of breath to cleanse and clear the energy fields in your body, remove obstacles and blockages, see your etheric body, find the way to your soul through guided visualization. Magic is all around us………. Inner Knowing.

Exploring the power of the mind, of intuition and insight into the hidden realms. Healing with sound activation & vibrational frequencies. Introducing dream journaling, self interpretation and its connection with our unconscious self.

Morwyn y Awyr – Maiden of Air

Breath of Life, soft caressing breeze, mystery of the winds, whispering amongst the leaves of Cerridwen’s trees. In the howling gales of life, tempestuously ripping us out of our comfort zones, our spirit allies guide us through the dark wild forest. We listen for the whispers on the wind, to the soothing words of others’ and to our own hearts to find our joy.

Cauldron Cycle Three: 5 – 7 February 2021: 3 Days

Swynwraig – Wise Medicine Woman – Spell Song Singer
Practical: Herb Lore and Potion Making

Learning about the wisdom of healing with tree & plant spirits, herb lore, the subtle bodies and energy fields. All existences on this earth have nwyfre – life force and are ensouled. We acknowledge, become familiar, and work with them to the highest good of all. With great knowledge comes great responsibility. The spell song singer is a healer of great capability and power. Stepping into her realm may be your soul’s journey? At this time in this world all Healer Priest-esses are recalled to Service. Are you one of us?

Morwyn y Dan – Maiden of Fire
Practical: a choice of Ogham Divination Tool, Staff, Wand or Silver Branch

All things fiery and flaming, fire in our hearts, minds, souls and sacral spaces. Find what fires your imagination and creativity. Feel where your cauldron fire burns brightly, where it is subdued. How do we rekindle our Flame of Passion for Creativity and Innovation, Warmth and Belonging? Fire under the cauldron – the ancient Welsh spell of Making.

Cauldron Cycle Four: 2 – 4 April 2021: 3 Days

Calon Gariad – Heart of Love
Practical: Creating a physical representation of a heart union

From self love to love for others. Finding and living with our heart companions, calling in or strengthening a relationship. Soul mates – twin flames, soft touch, gentle connection, heart to heart – soul to soul. Love knows no distance – once a soul connection has been made, it lies within you. What if it needs dissolving? You learn the art of gentle letting go and of guiding others through the process.

The most successful love story of the Welsh myths shows us the path to truly balanced and supportive relationship. All we need is love. How do we honour ourselves so that we may invite true & lasting love into our life?

Morwyn y LLyn – Lady of the Lake
Practical: Creating your own cauldron

Visiting and holding ceremony at the sacred wells of Avalon.

Water, magical component of our story, life giving elixir, washing us clean, inside and out, washing away pain and sorrow. Cerridwen, quintessential Lady of the Lake, ancient, ever present, rising from the magic mists of Lake Bala, what are Her gifts for you? Water bodies are the portals to the Otherworld in the Celtic tradition, betwixt and between are the shores, where we step through the veil and find a mirror image of our reality. Threshold guardian, Morwyn y Ddwr, greets us with a riddle and a challenge. Are we worthy of Her life giving womb waters? Can we travel beyond the Ninth Wave of Celtic mythology, to reach the realm of the Andedion?

Cauldron Cycle Five:  4 – 6 June 2021:
3 Days

Creatrix – Great Mother of us all
Practical: Creative magical tools, healing dolls, soul babies for ceremony

Dark Mother, fierce mother of shadow, nurturing mother, a blessing to us all. Learning about the importance of being mothered, of giving and receiving gracefully, of mothering others. Who is our MotherLine? What were we gifted from them. Denial, blaming and resistance can mar our lives till we leave this earth, time to work on forgiveness and letting go of old hurts. The inner child will have its say, whether you grant them space & time or not. Acknowledging their existence, allowing and witnessing their anger, pain and frustration, and finding a healthy way of facilitating release and healing is a step towards self knowledge and self care. A journey hard won and long walked. From there we hold space for others on the journey.

Sofran y Tyr – Sovereign of the Land- Sorceress of the Crystal Caves

Earth Mother – Earth Guardians – Dragon Lines of Power

The healing power of Crystals, healing earth, nurturing, grounding, Hiraeth – homeland/heartlandia ∞ where we belong. Rooted beings rise to protect and guard. Are you a committed guardian of the Earth? Do you feel our friends, the Tylwyth Teg, the Shining Ones? Long feared by those who wish to harm and harvest the earth for their greed and will to power, we learn their secret presence and enter into sacred relationship with all earth protectors. The Activist Priestess!

Cauldron Cycle Six:  6- 8 August 2021

Brenhines o’r Andedion/Queen of the Otherworld:

Seer of the Unseen Realms – Earth Guardians, Dragons, Caves of Crystals, our roots in Mother Earth. Grounded, secure in Her arms, we stand tall like the trees for what we believe in. Ogham creation and reading/Mystical Magic

We move deeper into the mysteries of the earth. From the darkness of our Mother we are born, and there we will return. This planet loses no energy, everything is always present, we are everlasting. Observing our possible resistance of facing our own mortality. Where does the fear of death come from, and why did the Celtic people believe that death was just a transition, a step into a realm from which we could return and communicate with the living. How do we speak with our Ancestors and the Beloved Dead? Mediumship is an opening of all the senses, beginning with soul journeys to Annwfn. For the gifted and the dedicated this journey may take you to trance mediumship, past life regression and soul record reading. How far you will develop depends on your connection with Cerridwen, if you open yourself with perfect love and perfect trust in the guidance of the Goddess, She will open the pathways to you.

The time of weaving the earth magics. By stone and bone, by root and branch, with healing herbs and berries, the medicines are brewed and stored for the winter. The right crystals imbue them with special strength. Walk the land, be awake to the wonders, listen to the voices of your Motherline, who will advise you. Observe, record, protect – eco activism is a Priestess devotion. Cerridwen – Sovereign of the Land, sharing the secrets of the elixirs who will keep us healthy. Her sacred secret brew.

Meeting the Dragons: dragon magic, flow of energy through the land, the dragon lines our tribes have walked since the dawn of humankind. The dragons have always been with us, they are still very much part of life in Wales, even on the national flag. Dragons guide us to highest spiritual development, our senses sharpen, become aware of the higher realms. The seeker of the mysteries travels to the astral realms to meet their guardian. Ancient wisdom is gifted when the seeker shows themselves worthy. The higher Caeau open, the light of true understanding shines in and illuminates all. Divination brings new vistas, allowing clarity and peace to enter your life.

Cauldron Cycle Seven:  23 – 26 September 2021: 4 Days/3 Nights at Llyn Tegid, Bala

Brenhines o’r Andedion – Queen of the Otherworld

Now is the time to take stock. Are you ready to surrender to Her wise counsel and move forward into Her Priest-esshood? At the end of the first spiral we retreat beside the beautiful Llyn Tegid, into a beautiful farm house with own wood and ancient monument. Here we place our feet on Her sacred soil, walk the land, immerse ourselves into Her waters, climb into Her body, to meet our Goddess. You discover and submit to your purpose on this journey into Her mysteries. Are you Queen/King of your own realm, self governing? Or are you yet beholden and bound to others? Only if you are truly free and standing in your own power, can you step into the role of community leader, of advocate for those who are not heard, witness for those who are harmed. Are you dedicated to our Goddess, ready to name yourself Sister/Brother of Cerridwen, step forward without fear and make your vow of alliance? Now is the time, this is the hour, to step into your sacred power.