Priestess of Cerridwen

Two Year, Two Spiral Training

with Bee Helygen, Priestess of Cerridwen, Priestess of Avalon

Amazing Cerridwen mural in Goddess House by Suzy "Goose" Edwards

Here’s what some previous students have said about the course:

It is difficult to share in few words the deep healing work that I am experiencing on my first year of training with Cerridwen under the guide of Bee. To me, it is about (re)discovering who I truly am to be of always better service to the Worlds. It is about belonging, connecting and becoming One with all that exists. I’ve been shaken, sometimes gently, sometimes a bit more roughly but always with Love – and under the dust I am finding my true Self.

Irene M

Bee is an outstanding example of a Priestess of Cerridwen! Her strength, commitment and connection with goddess are a true inspiration and have helped me to build my own connection with Her.
Daniela Seefelder

I am immensely grateful to Bee for her engaging enthusiasm as a teacher, mentor and sister.  Her deep and infectious connection to Cerridwen is palpable in all that she says, does and believes.

The past two years have literally flown by, and in that time we sisters have ourselves grown in love and deep connection with our Goddess Cerridwen, and our sister Priestesses.  We have dived into the dark waters of the Cauldron of Testing, often in fear of what will be revealed, and become stronger as individuals and in sisterhood.  In gathering the tools with which to work with Cerridwen’s particular energy, we have each found our strength and gifts to take out into the world as Her Priestesses.

I have adored my time in training, always hungry for more experiential knowledge and ways to grow with Goddess, and I would recommend this course in a heartbeat.

Ruth Cogan

The Priestess of Cerridwen course was everything I had dreamt of, hoped for, my expectations were met. Bee’s knowledge was immense, her training and teachings were exemplary. Nature, medicines, herbs, elements, magik, crystal, spirits, music, dance, song, poetry, rituals, celebrations, the moon. I have loved every part of it.
Gloria E. Mann

Lake Bala - photo: Daniela Seefelder