Priestess Shamanka Training

& Welcome to Avalon

with Luna Silver

Priestess of Avalon, Priestess Shamanka

Priestess Shamanka Training

The Priestess Shamanka treads the muddy tracks between this world and the other worlds, traversing the threads of the web that connects everything, acquiring wisdom, alleviating suffering, and restoring equilibrium. During this training you will learn to explore the otherworlds, crossing multidimensional thresholds with ease and full consciousness, enjoying the freedom to move with sensual awareness through inner and outer landscapes. Our work between the worlds will include questing to retrieve that which has been lost or forgotten and to understand and find remedy for the cause of disharmony within our own lives and others. You will learn to listen to and speak the languages of all beings. You will learn practices to collapse the construct of time and place and find the keys that open all doors. Working within the web of connections you will learn how to follow a thread to its source: developing the wisdom and skill to spin, weave, cut and mend, observing and redrawing the blueprint of all that is – bridging the worlds to effect real change in this physical reality.

The teachings are drawn directly from the universal source of wisdom and from communion with the land and energies of Glastonbury Avalon. This training is not based on culturally appropriated material. The word Shamanka is used consciously and with respect to its Siberian root as it is the most widely understood word to adequately describe the nature of the principles and methodologies that we will be working with. The feminised version is used to reflect the Goddess centered lineage of the Priestess of Avalon Training from which this work has grown. Your tutor Luna Silver has over 30 years of experience exploring and developing this sacred pathway.

This training is open to all genders.

During this training you will travel to Glastonbury Avalon four times for five days over nine months and complete assignments in between.

Students will need a drum for the training. If you don’t have one already you can order one from Luna or make one with her.

If you are not familiar with the Landscape and energies of Avalon and the Path of a Priestess of Goddess, then there is an opportunity to prepare for this training by attending a preliminary “Welcome to Avalon” weekend.

Priestess Shamanka Training

Circle One:

Empowerment & Navigation

Priestess Shamanka Training

Circle Two:

Restoration & Release

Priestess Shamanka Training

Circle Three:

Communication & Connection

Priestess Shamanka Training

Circle Four:

Vision & Dedication