Kathy Jones

Priestess of Avalon, Initiator and Course Founder


Kathy Jones is a Priestess of Avalon and experienced Soul Healer, working with individuals and communities for over 40 years. Beginning with her own self-healing, Kathy’s healing and teaching skills have grown and developed, culminating in personal experiences of breast cancer in 1995 and 2012. She walks the path of a Priestess of the Goddess and of Avalon, and her passions are to bring Goddess back into the world and to help people connect with their own soul’s energy to help heal dis-ease and the causes of dis-ease. Kathy is the author of several well-known Goddess books, as well as two books on healing – Chiron in Labrys: An Introduction to Esoteric Soul Healing and Breast Cancer: Hanging on by a Red Thread. Kathy is the Founder of Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and of Glastonbury Goddess Conference. See her website www.kathyjones.co.uk

Although Kathy’s lifework is dedicated to bringing Goddess back into the world, you do not need to believe in Goddess to take this course. Students may follow any life-affirming spiritual belief system to participate.