Storyweaver Dates and Details


First weekend 30 September/1 October 2023

Leaves and Drum

There is always a blank before a beginning

We consider beginnings in many forms, the relationship between silent space and our voice, how to take safe direction, how to nurture and express what gift may be forming within. We explore aspects of our own story lands, our own preoccupations. We plant our feet in a story.

Second weekend 4/5 November 2023

Christine with candles

Changing and Choosing

We explore choice and transformation in story and in telling. We visit the crossroads where stories meet. We compare tales for hearth and highway, for the deep cave and the bright horizon. We learn from the grace of trees in autumn as we experience holding on tightly and letting go lightly in our telling. We have an encounter with Ceridwen in story.

Third weekend 9/10 December 2023


Shining Bones

We explore choice and transformation in story and in telling. As we head towards a pared-down winter landscape we invite Clarity to illuminate our tale. We explore strip-bone words. We consider how stories and tellings may bend or break. We explore fading light and subtle shadow as we search for the nuances our tale-telling voice may hold.We have an encounter with Arianrhod in story

Fourth weekend 20/21 January 2024


Ending as beginning

We explore newness with our storytelling tongues. We draw up our own imaginative glossary and maps showing where we have travelled and where we stand. With Daring travelling with us and inklings of what is to come we look ahead to new story paths. We celebrate the twists in the path, the bends in the road, the boldness of new beginnings and the many forms those new beginnings may take.