Sacred Temple Dancer


Sacred Temple Dancer


We will explore together what sacred dance is, and what is it to be a dancer of the Goddess.

As priestesses, priests and devotees of the Goddess, one of the most ancient and powerful ways we have of contacting the divine is through dance. Our body is our temple, we will learn how to prepare it physically and energetically to offer our dance to the Goddess, through different techniques.

We will explore the connection with the four sacred elements:

Through the dances of air, fire, water and earth and we will discover archetypal dance.

In addition, we explore the tools of the sacred dancer:

The skirt, the veil, the fan, the flame, the drum, and the shells. There are many elements that help us deepen and manifest energy. We will learn how to select and use them in our dance.

We will explore different types of dances:

The spiral dance, circular dances, turns and more. We will learn how to create them and when and how to use them.


We will put what we have learned into practice, and we will create our group dance to manifest our energy as sacred dancers.

What to bring:

Please wear cool comfortable clothes suitable for moving and dancing in, layers are best! If you have them, please bring your veil and fan. Bring your journal and a pen. Remember to bring snacks with you too for the breaks.