We are preparing our Goddess Temple Priestess and Goddess trainings for this autumn. They will be offered in person in Glastonbury and/or online depending on any restrictions in place at the beginning of the course due the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic. You may need to check with us nearer the beginning of each Training to find out what is planned. Currently there are 2 week quarantine restrictions for people travelling to the UK from abroad, but these may have changed by the autumn. We will try to keep everyone updated as time goes on.

The Way of the Völva

The Way of the Völva

The Norse Shamanka & Priestess of Freyja

Two Spiral Training 2020-2022

Course Start Date: 19/20 September 2020

with Zindra Anderson
Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Freyja and Völva

This Two Spiral training in the Art of the Völva, the Norse Shamanka and Priestess of Freyja includes Norse mythology, the practice of Seidr and the making of magical equipment.

The Way of the Völva is to remember and learn how to serve Mother Earth and Goddess Freyja. You will be learning the skills of the Old Wise Women, building relations to all of life and journeying into the Otherworlds.

Seidr is an ecstasy technique, which enables the soul to travel to other worlds to seek information. The practice of Seidr is related to shamanism and can be used for many purposes including divination, protection and healing. To practice Seidr you will need a special Staff and Song.

The magic of the Seidr is held and was taught by the Vanir Goddess Freyja. Among humans in earlier times Seidr was performed by women called Völvur/Valor, which means carrier of a magic staff. The Völvur were highly respected in the society as seeresses.

In 2020/21 Zindra is offering three options to take the first year of the Way of the Völva Training:

The Way of the Völva, Priestess of Freyja Training is a Two Year, Two Spiral Training.

There are 3 options for taking the First Year of the Training.

Spiral One: (Based on Glastonbury Visits) Introduction to the Norse Goddesses, Becoming a Daughter of Freyja

You can take the First Spiral by visiting Glastonbury in person eight times in the year. As many weekends as possible will be taken in Glastonbury dependent on Government restrictions due to Covid19. If it is not possible to be in Glastonbury in a group during any part of the course circles will be given via Zoom. Dedicate as a Daughter of Freyja.

Spiral One Interactive Online Training

Take the whole of the First Spiral by working with Zoom over eight weekends in the year, plus a 4 day visit to Glastonbury at the end. Dedicate as a Daughter of Freyja. Or learn about Norse Goddesses by taking the 8 online circles without coming to Glastonbury, receive a diploma on completion.

Spiral Two: (Based on Glastonbury Visits) Becoming a Priestess of Freyja

Can only be taken by coming to Glastonbury for 3 x four day visits.

Spiral One

Becoming an
Apprentice Völva

Course Start Date:
19/20 September 2020

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Spiral Two

Becoming a Völva &
Priestess of Freyja

Course Start Date:
19/22 November 2020

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Ormkvinnan - used with kind permission of Gotlands Museum

Interactive Online Training

Becoming a Daughter of Freyja

Course Start Date:
26/27 September 2020

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