Zindra Andersson, Priestess of Freyja, Priestess of Avalon, and teacher of the Way of the Völva Training, has returned to live in her native Sweden. She will no longer teach the way of the Völva training here in Glastonbury in its current forms, although Second Spiral students will be able to complete their Second Spiral Trainings. 

Zindra may now offer occasional short courses in Glastonbury. See our website in the future for details of these.

Meanwhile, we are leaving details of  Spiral One online for information.

The Way of the Völva

Becoming a Daughter of Freyja

Interactive Online Course

The Way of the Völva

with Zindra Andersson

Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Freyja and Völva

This Priestess training in the Art of the Völva includes Norse shamanism and mythology, including the practice of Seidr, an ecstasy technique which enables the soul to travel to other worlds to seek information. It is old knowledge adapted to modern times. The Völva were wise women, also known as a Seeress and helper. They were honoured and highly respected in Scandinavian society.

The Völva worked in a shamanic way and it is essential in this course to be able to connect to nature and the spirit of all that has life.

In the First Spiral we will be following the Wheel of the Year, reflecting the process in nature within ourselves. This means for example, in the autumn when leaves are falling to the ground and returning to the earth, we also leave behind the things that do not serve us anymore.

Through guided journeys and hearing myths you will connect to one or several Norse Goddesses linked to the appropriate season and learn from them. Although you will meet and work with many Norse Goddesses through the year, Freyja, great Goddess of the Vanir is our Goddess in the centre and you will meet many aspects of Her.

There is also an archetype of the Völva for each season to explore. The Norse Goddesses are very direct in their communication and they want us to rise in our feminine power, dropping the cloak of the tamed women patriarchy has brought to us.

You will follow in the footsteps of the Völva, trying to find their qualities within yourself. Bringing out your wisdom, your gifts and standing in your power, remembering who you truly are. To do this you will need to peel off the things that are stopping you. These can be ideas about yourself, things you have experienced and learned in childhood etc. You will change. If you don’t want to do this, this is not the right training for you.

The Online Training

The online course will include the same kind of content as the Glastonbury in-person course. However knowledge of Seidr cannot be taught online. After finishing the online part of the First Spiral, you can attend a 4-day training in Glastonbury covering the work on the land with the ecstasy training and connection to the spirits of nature. Attendance at these days will make it possible to apply for the second year in person training in Glastonbury.