with Zindra Andersson, Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Freyja and Völva

Spiral One, 2020/21

Course Start Date 19/20 September 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions it will not be possible to run Spiral One Way of the Völva Trainings in Glastonbury in 2020/21.*

The new Interactive Online Training will run in 2020/21, you can find more details here.

We have left the in-person training information online as it gives useful information but no Spiral One application forms are available.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

*Please note that our other Glastonbury Priestess Trainings and Goddess Teachings are not affected by changes to this course. 

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The Way of the Völva in Avalon

The Völva Training is practical and nature-based and much of it will be held outside on the land of Avalon. You will learn to find the wisdom that is held in the core of women, which is released when you come into contact with the web of all life. Connecting with that old power of women will bring you back to who you truly are. You will learn oneness with Her nature and the beings who dwell within Her nature, journeying in the Otherworlds through the magic of the Seidr.

The course contains in-depth personal work, leaving behind what prevents you from standing in your full power. The first year will take you through the wheel of the year,  meeting and connecting to many different Norse Goddesses.

During the training you will make your own Rattle, Magic Bag and Staff, empowering them with your own energy. This training is about old forgotten knowledge and authenticity.

Misty Glastonbury Tor