Spiral One 2020-21

Becoming a Daughter of Freyja and an Apprentice Völva

Eight Circles – The Eight Characteristics of the Völva

1st Circle 19/20 September 2020

Wise Women

Who is the Völva? Shamanka, sister and guardian of the Earth.

Connecting with the land, seeking your Fylgia spirit. The Wheel of the Völva and the keys Freyja is holding for you. Goddess Jord.

2nd Circle: 24/25 October 2020

The Initiatrix

What is stopping you from standing in your full power. The seekers walk into the darkness, meeting Goddess Hel. Seeing obstacles and your shadows. Past life experiences. Meet Val-Freyja and the Valkyries.

3rd Circle: 12/13 December 2020

The Weaver

Meeting the Three Norns, Weavers of Fate. Seeking your thread in the web. The wisdom of Giant Goddesses Natt and the gifts of Huntress Skadi. Make your personal rattle.

4th Circle: 23/24 January 2021

The Healer

To be born into authenticity. Healing ourselves to be able to heal others and the earth. Taking responsibility for the planet. Singing as a tool, finding your Vardlokkur (powersong). Making your magic pouch. Menglöd and the 9 healing maidens. Goddess Idun.

5th Circle: 13/14 March 2021

Wild Women

How to create the ecstasy needed for Seidr. Drumming, dancing and singing.  Holding ceremonial space. Connecting with Trees and Devas. Expanding your awareness. Goddess Sunna.

6th Circle: 24/25 April 2021

The Shapeshifter

Freyja Vanadis, Goddess of magic, love and oneness. Fly with Her falcon. How to ride the red wave of power. Seeking your staff and experience the Seidr. Ceremonial inauguration.

7th Circle: 12/13 June 2021

The Seeress

To see and to know. Learn how to read the signs in nature, interpreting the messages. Walking for answers. Scrying the elements. Meet Goddess Ran and Her 9 daughters, holders of emotions.

8th Circle: 17/18 July 2021

The Tribe Mother

Vision walk with creation of ceremonies. Dedication as an Apprentice Völva and a Daughter of Freyja.