Spiral One Online 2020-21

1st circle 26-27 September 2020

The Wise Woman

Who is the Völva? Shamanka, sister and guardian of the Earth.

You will journey to meet your Fylgia, your guide and guardian in the Otherworlds. Meet giant Goddess Jord. Learn about the Wheel of the Völva and the keys Freyja is holding for us.

2nd circle 7-8 November 2020

The Initiatrix

What is stopping you from standing in your true power? The seekers walk into the darkness, meeting Goddess Hel. Seeing obstacles and your Shadows. Past life experiences. Flying with Val-Freyja and the Valkyries.

3rd Circle 19-20 December 2020

The Weaver

The Three Norns, Weavers of Fate. Exploring the great web of life, seeking your own thread.
Receiving the gifts of the Hunting Goddess Skadi. To set your goals and hold your boundaries.
The self and the soul in Norse spirituality. The story of Goddess Natt.

4th Circle 30-31 January 2021

The Healer

To be born into authenticity. Healing ourselves to be able to heal others and earth. Singing as a tool, find your Vardlokkur (soulsong). The journey to Freyja- Menglöd and the 9 Healing Maidens. Idun, Goddess of immortal youth.

5th Circle 20-21 March 2021

The Wild Woman

Norse shamanic ceremonial work. How to create the ecstasy we need for Seidr. Expanding awareness and your senses. Working with nature spirits. Raise and shine with Goddess Sol/ Sunna.

6th Circle 15-16 May 2021

The Shapeshifter

Freyja-Vanadis, Goddess of Magic, love and life. The source of Seidr. To connect to her red force through your body. The Völva and her Staff. What is Seidr and what do you need to perform it. The different stages of Trance work. Working with self-love.

7th Circle 26-27 June 2021

The Seeress

To see and to know. How to read the signs in nature and interpreting the messages.
Working with water. What’s on the surface and what is hidden in the depth.
Meeting Ran, great Goddess of the Sea and her 9 daughters, waves and emotions.

8th Circle 31 July-1 August 2021

The Tribe Mother

How can you use your knowledge and gifts to serve? Holding circles. Creating ceremony.
The role of women and the mother aspect in Norse mythology.
Receive from Freyja-Gefn. Meet Goddesses Frigga and Sif.

Four day visit to Glastonbury

Thursday 9-Sunday 12 September 2021

Exploration of the Sacred landscape of Glastonbury Avalon, connection to the Spirts of the land. Working with the Trees. Learn to Scry the elements. Drumming, dancing, singing. The tools you need to work in a shamanic way, making your own rattle.