The Way of the Völva

Spiral Two 2020-21

Becoming a Priestess of FreyJa and a Tradition Keeper of the Völva

1st Circle : The Way of the Völva

21/22 November 2020

How to be a vessel for the power of Seidr. Different forms of trance work. Embodiment.


2nd Circle : Reborn as a Völva

9/10 January 2021

Past Lives. Wounds and obstructions. The high seat ceremony.


3rd Circle : Healing through Seidr

27/28 February 2021

Find and work with your healing helpers. Healing within Seidr. Retrieval work. Sounds


4th Circle : Divination and Transmission

3/4 April 2021

How to create group and pair Seidr. To be the instrument for spirits.


5th Circle : Utiseta – visionquest

22/23 May 2021

A night outdoors. Influence-Seidr for Positive changes. Responsibilities. Directing power.

6th Circle :

3/4 July 2021

Dedication as a Priestess of FreyJa and tradition keeper  of the Völva.

The Way of the Völva