Taster Weekend

Elen of the Wild Ways

Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th April 2021

Because of Covid restrictions Iris is unable to offer this Elen of the Wild Ways Taster weekend  in person.

Instead she is offering an online Taster Experience on Saturday 24th April and Sunday 25th April – three hours each day.

Do join her to learn more about these Wild Medicine Dance Teachings: you can book for the online course here.

Wild Medicine Dance Trainings

All ways lead to the
Mother of Wild
Keeper of All that lives
Soil and Soul
She who carries the seeds
Green Woman
Dark Crone
Of trees, of plants
Of stones, blood, bones

Pilgrim, walker
In fertile shadow
Midwife of the new born
Guide of the departed

Wild Medicine Dancer
May my heart and spirit work and thrive
For the greater benefit of the ancestors, the descendants
and all present relations

Life preserver: teach me the language beyond words of All that lives

In this online intensive we will be acknowledging the importance of eco-mythology: how the land shaped the perception of sacred to our ancestors and why it is so deeply important presently, to recover this understanding.

In order to do this, we will discuss and practice some fundamental aspects:

– As in soil so in soul: merging into the Earth organic processes as the elemental essence of inner alchemy
– The Medicine Wheel
– Essential principles of the circle
– The web of Life
– Body Earth Medicine and practices of eco-somatic Movement.