Body Bone Stone

The Living Bio-mythography of soil and soul


Wild Medicine Woman

Day 1:

Circle opening with drum ceremony
Cave and Core
memory and ancestry
rebirth and renewal, crossing the river
the first biographic cycle of 13 years
from compost to seed
Stones and minerals: listen to those beyond chronology

Day 2:

Webs and waves
Mycelium and regeneration
The second biographic cycle of 13 years
Embodiment, loss of innocence and vision

Day 3:

All the small actions within great deeds
Listening to the invisible: bacteria and gut feelings
Faith as a practise of resilience: the death of romanticism and superstition
The third biographic cycle of 13 years

Day 4:

Kindness as the greatest wisdom: plants
The tree of life as a metaphor for reverence, presence and planetary evolution
Service: a tree does not eat her own fruits
Flowering and impermanence
Breaking the consumerism that consumes us
The fourth biographic cycle of 13 years

Day 5:

Anima and Animal
Recovering instinct and intuition through body and imagination
Aggressivity as a vital force
Distinguish violence and aggressivity
The fifth biographic cycle of 13 years
Frutify and decay

Day 6:

Water, Blood and the beauty of departure
When Spirit comes to great the Sun, take our hands and leads the drum
The sixth and seventh cycles
Decay, compost and Earth Alchemy
Closing circle with drum ceremony