Wild Pathways

Earth Body Creativity

Online Immersion



Wild Medicine Woman

Session 1:


Gathering in circle, circle principles
non-hierarchical relating: archaic wisdom for contemporary social shifts;
why it matters, how it works
The web of life: affective relations as the basis of life
developing sensitive presence and active listening
the body as a map: before communication, nervous regulation
eco-somatic movement: returning presence to the body and body to Earth

Session 2:


walking with loss and longing as well as hope and faith
Sustaining paradoxes
Feeling the pain of lost forests
Wild water: Break the dam, release the river
The five realms that sustain life and their holistic and systemic function
Moving within the soil: embracing the depth and fertile darkness of the inner organs

Session 3:

Body as Earth

Intricate connection between Earth, Body and Self
Nothing is a resource for no-one, all is alive
Belonging : re-membering our organic purpose
Identify and de-construct internalized capitalism
Rest as a fundamental function

Session 4:

We are all children of broken tribes

Decolonising our sense of cultural identity
forging new connections
oral tradition and the value of uniqueness to a diverse, complex, conscious Planet
Body and bones: the unseen ancestors within the dust
Gathering bones and mending the broken bones

Session 5:

Gaia Sophia

The Earth as Divine
The Soul as collective
How to hear beyond human language?
Awakening the mammal animal within our cells
Moving with wilderness as guide

Session 6:

The caves of the spirit

The pertinence of recovering the living language of animism
The inner communication of stones and bones
the breath of birds
painting as an observation of life
awakening the sense of awe towards the landscape and all its constant shift
beyond control: recognizing the culture obsession with security and learn to walk within life, time and land as unknown
The East direction

Session 7:

Fear and reverence

holding space for the pertinence of fear: listening instead of reacting
when the sacred is scary: the forces of chaos as restoratives of balance
The storm: blood, vitality, memory and renewal
The South direction

Session 8:

Ellen of the Wild pathways:

Eco-mythology as a contemporary resource
Ellen as the wild pilgrim, seed-scatterer and storyteller
The West direction

Session 9:

Ellen and the deer: shapeshifting as humility towards animal and plant wisdom

Recovering the capacity to hear, feel and communicate with what lives
The dream space: communion, resonance, synchronicity and simplicity
The North direction

Session 10:

Ritual: to water the thirsty soul

What is ritual?
Ritual as structure and flow
creating ritual
The great within, inferior direction

Session 11:

The tree of life:

honouring time and verticality
Mothering the world: standing between ancestors and descendants as caretakers
Holding vulnerability
As above so below, as within so around
The upper world, sky and universe

Session 12:

Resilience to be what is, and how if affects us

seeing with first eyes
the center direction: heart
The philosopher, the healer, the shaman and the artist: recovering wisdom from within the wild woods
circle opening