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Welcome to Goddess Temple Teachings!


Goddess Temple Teachings is the educational wing of Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

As a present day living Goddess community centred on the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, we are particularly devoted to the Lady of Avalon, Goddess of the Sacred Isle of Avalon, which is intimately connected to the town of Glastonbury, England.

Our purpose is to provide a grounded education in all areas of Goddess spirituality, particularly for those who seek Goddess in Glastonbury Avalon. Our aim is to offer the best Priestess trainings in the world.

Included in our activities are the following Glastonbury-based courses:

We also offer online correspondence courses.

As a Goddess-centred organisation we actively support the creation and continuation of Priestess Trainings, Goddess Events, Communities & Temples, Goddess Conferences and Festivals everywhere in the world, which are created by Priestesses of Goddess, and of Avalon living in Britain and other lands.

Our teachings are founded in the principles of Motherworld – the Society which places mothers and the values of mothering – love, care and support for each other, and for our Mother Earth, in the centre of our lives, rather than being left out on the periphery. We actively work to take responsibility for ourselves, for our life’s journeys, our wounding and our healing.

Each Priestess Training course is supported by a Code of Ethics and Conduct. All tutors within Glastonbury Goddess Temple agree to abide by these Codes of Ethics and Conduct, and encourage all students to do likewise.