Glastonbury Goddess Temple Retreats

Held within the Glastonbury Goddess Temple Community

Led by Priestesses of Goddess and Avalon:
Kathy Jones, Luna Silver, Sue Quatermass, Marion Brigantia and  Dawn Kinsella

The small country town of Glastonbury in England is a physical gateway to the mysterious Otherworldly Isle of Avalon. Here in the present day we celebrate Goddess as Lady of Avalon, Nolava of the Sacred Land, She who is Goddess of Love, Compassion, Healing and Transformation, She who changes everything She touches.

Over the last twenty years a community of dedicated Goddess-loving people have come together within Glastonbury’s Goddess Temple to create many Goddess-centred ventures, including the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, the Goddess Temple, the Priestess/Priest of Avalon Training, the Goddess Hall, and other Priestess Trainings.  More recently we have opened Goddess House , our Healing and Educational centre.

We invite you to come and take part in a residential Goddess Temple Retreat in Glastonbury. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Avalon, about the Lady of Avalon as Goddess, and for a few days to be part of our local Goddess community. You will be spending time with experienced, dedicated Priestesses of Goddess and of Avalon, who are today bringing Goddess alive in the world once again.

The Goddess Temple Retreat is based at Goddess House and includes taking part in Goddess-centred Ceremonies, walking the Sacred Land of Glastonbury Avalon, spending time in the Goddess Temple, creative arts workshops, meeting the local Goddess community, sharing meals together, Goddess Sound Bath, Inner Journeying to Avalon and Visioning your renewed future. The Retreat culminates in a special ceremony in which you meet the Lady of Avalon embodied by Her Priestess.

Accommodation will be in selected simple B&B accommodation with Temple Priestesses. 

This Goddess Temple Retreat can be arranged for groups of eight or more participants travelling to Glastonbury at other times.  Enquire for details.

Misty Tor over the Brue

Dates of Goddess Temple Retreats in 2019

Summer Retreat: Wednesday 21st August – Sunday 25th August, with four nights B&B accommodation.

Cost of Goddess Temple Retreats

Earlybird fees for the five day/four night Retreat are £420 per person, with a £200 deposit paid on or before Wednesday 25th June.

The balance of £220 is paid two weeks before the Retreat start date.

Full fees for the Retreat are £470 per person, with a minimum £200 deposit paid one month before the retreat start.

The balance of £270 is paid two weeks before the Retreat start date.

How to participate in a Retreat

If you would like to participate, please apply here. telling us what you know about Goddess so far and why you want to come to Glastonbury for this Goddess Temple Retreat.

 Please note: we strongly suggest that you do not make final bookings for travel until we confirm that the Retreat is definitely going ahead, usually a month before the Retreat is due to start – please contact us if you need more information beforehand.