9 Morgen Crows: Created by Bernard Chandler from images from Mary Bruce

The Mystery of the Nine Morgens

Four Day Retreat with Kathy Jones
Priestess of Avalon, Morgen Sister

9 Morgen Crows: Created by Bernard Chandler from images from Mary Bruce

Thursday 28th-Sunday 31st March 2019


An exploration of the mysterious Nine Morgens, the Nine Sisters who dwell in the Otherworldly Paradise of the Isle of Avalon

The Nine Morgens are Nine Sisters who are the spacious essence of the feminine in nature, in the weather and in womankind. In Avalon the Nine Morgens are particularly connected to trees and plants, to animals, insects and birds, and to the play of the weather upon the landscape in the form of clouds, sunshine, wind, rain, ice and snow. They are spirit women, dakinis, sky dancers, cloud faeries. Elemental in character, they are pristine and peerless. They are the feminine principle of wisdom that manifests in female forms to benefit all human beings. They beckon to us through vibration and sound. They are transforming powers for negative emotions and help us to overcome our resistances on the spiritual path. They give us experiences of the ineffable reality or divine grace.

Kathy Jones is the author of the recently published book, Remembering the Nine Morgens, the Nine Sisters of Avalon Ariadne Publications.

Image by Freddie Miller
Times and location
The Retreat is non-residential and will be held in the Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NB.

Days will vary in length.

Begins Thursday 28th March 10:00am


Earlybird Fee paid in full before 1st March 2019: £180

Full Fee paid on or after 1st March 2019: £200.

A deposit of £100 reserves your place. This needs to be paid by 28th February 2019, with the full fee balance of £100 paid on or before 28th March.

A minimum of nine people are required for the Retreat to run.

How to apply for the Retreat
Photo by Daniela Seefelder