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Priestess of Avalon Trainings

In the Heart of the Goddess

Train in Glastonbury, the Gateway to the Sacred Isle of Avalon,
to become a

Priestess of Avalon/Priest of Avalon

Three Year, Three Spiral Training

In ancient times the role of a Priestess or Priest of the Goddess was recognized as a Sacred Calling, a life lived in service to Goddess within one of Her Sacred Temples, found all around the world in many different cultures. The majority of those Goddess Temples were destroyed when patriarchal forces took over the world thousands of years ago.

Thankfully Goddess is returning to our awareness. She is once again being recognised as Divine Source and Great Mother of All. Many women and some men are beginning to re-member and re-claim an ancient path of devotion and service to Goddess. Communities and Temples of Goddess are being built anew in Her world, allowing people to come together to learn who Goddess is, to celebrate Her, to recreate Her Sacred Sanctuaries and to experience Her wonderful loving nature.

The Three Year, Three Spiral Priestess/Priest of Avalon training based in Glastonbury offers you a wonderful opportunity to train in the first Spiral to become a Sister or Brother of Avalon, the Sacred Land of Goddess, and then to become a Priestess or Priest of Goddess and of Avalon. It allows you to remember this ancient calling, journeying deeply into the Heart of the Goddess in Avalon and in Brigit’s Isles, connecting to Bridannia, Britannia, Brigit-Anna, and our indigenous British Goddesses, to the Lady of Avalon, Her Sacred Isle of Avalon and Her Mysteries.

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Other Temple Priestess Trainings

Priestess of Cerridwen Training
Two Year, Two Spiral Training 2018-2020

Meeting the Goddess of  the Cauldron of Testing, Transformation and Rebirth

Allow Cerridwen, the Goddess of Transformation, Surrender, Inspiration and Renewal, to enter your life. Follow Her call and find your highest calling. Becoming Her Priestess or Priest is a most rewarding vocation. In service to Her you will find within yourself a deep caring and love for others. Complete devotion for Cerridwen builds a strong foundation on which you can rely in days of need. She is the presence of support beside you, She holds you whenever you call on Her. When you falter, She is the hand beneath your arm, holding you upright until you are ready to step out strong again and face the world. We call Her ‘our Dark Mother’; there is no greater kindness to be found in this world, or in the Other. In the darkness of Her womb cauldron we lay, sleep, rest, dream and heal, rising more determined each cycle into Her great light, ready to serve all existences when the time is right.

From this powerful connection between the divinity within you to Her, you draw strength for your work. You are Her conduit to those who need Her help and guidance. Her message is one of compassionate caring love for All and complete empathy. Her arrival announces change, a time of spiritual healing and soul expansion, first for yourself and then by assisting others to feel Her solace.  By becoming Her Priest-ess you are often called on to facilitate during times of transition and change, using ritual and ceremony, holding sacred space for intense transformational work.

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The Way of the Völva: The Norse Shamanka
& Priestess of Freya Training

Two Spiral Training

This Two Spiral training in the Art of the Völva, the Norse Shamanka and Priestess of Freya includes Norse mythology, the practice of Seidr and the making of magical equipment. The Way of the Völva is to remember and learn how to serve Mother Earth and Goddess Freya. You will be learning the skills of the Old Wise Women, building relations to all of life and journeying into the Otherworlds.

Seidr is an ecstasy technique, which enables the soul to travel to other worlds to seek information. The practice of Seidr is related to shamanism and can be used for many purposes including divination, protection and healing. To practice Seidr you will need a special Staff and Song.

The magic of the Seidr is held and was taught by the Vanir Goddess Freya. Among humans in earlier times Seidr was performed by women called Völvur/Valor, which means carrier of a magic staff. The Völvur were highly respected in the society as seeresses.

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Goddess Teachings

The Goddess Luminary Wheel: Liberating Leadership

Two Year, Two Spiral Training

Are you are longing to lead consciously – to liberate, nurture, heal and foster others from your deepest values and from Goddess wisdom?

Are you keen to achieve results while supporting others to reach their full potential?

Are you ready to explore the embodiment of your own power and leadership beyond conventional approaches?

Do you have a dream you wish to manifest and contribute to the world?

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable, fair and thriving future for everyone?

This programme is for you if your answer is yes and you are already in, or stepping into, formal or informal positions of leadership in community, movements or organisations.  You may be involved in Goddess, charity, voluntary, spiritual or environmental groups, community activism, local politics, the public sector or be self-employed.

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Wild Medicine Woman
Trainings with Iris Lican

Embracing the Wild Mother: Initiation and Dedication to the Wild Elen of the Ways

Wild Nature connection
Spiritual ecology
The Path of Ellen of the ways: Green and Dark
Sacred creative vision as prayer and power
Meditation and Ritual practices
Emotional, energetic and spiritual practices for the rebel at heart and Earth lovers

The Healer Dancer: Ceremonial and Ritual Dance Training

Conscious movement and embodiment
the Divine wild Dance

She dances in the thunder
She roars within the sea
She caresses with kindness
Everything that comes to be
She awakens the seeds to blossom
She soothes those departing this world
She dances and whirls
Stirring the wheel of life into oneness
Repairing the broken pieces of Soul

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Glastonbury Goddess Temple Retreats

Held within the Glastonbury Goddess Temple Community

The small country town of Glastonbury in England is the physical Outerworld counterpart to the Mysterious Otherworld of the ancient and sacred Isle of Avalon. Here in Glastonbury in the present day we celebrate Goddess as Lady of Avalon, Nolava of the Sacred Land, She who changes everything She touches.

Over the last twenty years a community of dedicated Goddess-loving people have come together within Glastonbury’s Goddess Temple to create many Goddess-centred ventures, including the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, the Goddess Temple, the Priestess/Priest of Avalon Training, the Goddess Hall, and other Priestess Trainings.  More recently we have opened Goddess House , our Healing and Educational centre.

We invite you to come and take part in a residential Goddess Temple Retreat in Glastonbury. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Avalon, about the Lady of Avalon as Goddess, and for a few days to be part of our local Goddess community. You will be spending time with experienced, dedicated Priestesses of Goddess and of Avalon, who are today bringing Goddess alive in the world once again.

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In the Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon

A NEW Ceremonial Experience of the Presence of the Lady of Avalon, the Nine Morgens and the Oracle of Avalon
19th-21st April 2019
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms

In this exciting NEW Ceremonial Practice in the Mysterium of Avalon we offer you the opportunity to participate in three days of deep devotion, sacred ceremony, prayer, chant, journeying, music, movement, dance and transformational healing, in the embodied presence of the Lady of Avalon, the Nine Morgens and the Oracle of Avalon.

We will create a Sacred Mysterium for the Lady of Avalon in Glastonbury’s Assembly Rooms for three days and two evenings.

We will ceremonially invite the Lady of Avalon into Her Mysterium so that we can experience Her Mysteries.

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The Mystery of the Nine Morgens

Four Day Retreat with Kathy Jones, Priestess of Avalon, Morgen Sister

Thursday 28th-Sunday 31st March 2019

An exploration of the mysterious Nine Morgens, the Nine Sisters who dwell in the Otherworldly Paradise of the Isle of Avalon

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