with Glastonbury Goddess Temple

Priestess Celebrant Training

with Dawn Kinsella

Five Day Training: Wednesday 6th February – Sunday 10th February 2019

There is a space that the Priest/ess Celebrant tunes into
that resonates within every aspect of ceremonial work

Dawn with Mike and Luke

Dawn Kinsella, Priestess of Avalon & Authorised Person for Legal Goddess/Pagan Marriages in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, will take you through a five day intensive Priest/ess Celebrant of Avalon course. This is the perfect add-on training if you are considering a vocational career in conducting Ceremonies, including Handfastings, Baby Namings, and Passing Over ceremonies. This training is an important investment, giving you, the Priest/ess Celebrant, the skills to develop a strong core and deep connection to this kind of public ceremonial work. A unique combination of professionalism, depth and sacredness.

Celebrants who hold Goddess/Pagan ceremonies with professionalism, as well as holding sacred space, are in high demand and this course is the perfect complement to your most excellent training as a Priest/ess of the Goddess and Avalon.

Dawn Kinsella has several years’ experience to share and to guide you through techniques and structure so that you deliver the perfect ceremony every time.

This training is open to applications from all those that have completed the Second Spiral of the Priestess of Avalon Training.

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Bride making besom broom

Course Details

Day One

Client Consultation

The entire ceremony is built from this consultation, and from this time the bond between Celebrant and client increases over time. Students work in pairs to practice two full consultations – one for a Naming and one for a Handfasting Ceremony. They will be shown how to do this on paper and on a laptop (bring your own if you have one), to practice and become accustomed to using a spreadsheet.


  • Ceremonial Altars and how to create them. The correct equipment.
  • Clearing the area with incenses, drumming, etc.
  • Calling in the four elements, how they can differ, depending on your client: for example, Wiccans will place Air in the East.
  • Calling in deities.
  • Voice work for outdoor ceremonies.

Day Two

Activation of the Celebrant’s Candle
  • Each Celebrant will light their Ceremonial candle for their future ceremonies from the Flame of Avalon.
  • The importance of where ceremonial incenses are sourced and incense blending.


The Passing over Ceremony

Celebrants will be guided on how to hold this intimate ceremony for close family and friends. Journeying through the four elements, beginning at Earth and culminating with Air, followed by a journey across the waters with the Beloved who has passed over, to be with her/him on the journey home and then to return back to the normal world. A deep and meaningful ceremony that is either a precursor to the funeral or the ceremony in its entirety.

Day Three

The Baby Naming Ceremony
  •  Consultation with Parents. Students to bring laptops if they have them or completed spreadsheets from the Day One class.
  • The correct equipment.
  • Elemental Guardians and what they mean.
  • The ceremony structure & order of ceremony.


  • Space clearing before setting up ceremonial space.
  • Creating a ceremony space and conduct a Naming ceremony – working in pairs.

Day Four

How to conduct a Handfasting
  • Looking at a completed consultation form from the Day One class.
  • The Couples’ input and Guest Elemental readers.
  • Pre-ceremony rehearsals & site meetings.
  • When to arrive at the ceremony site.
  • Celebrants’ boundaries.
  • The Bridal Hoop & Wand & Handfasting cord.


  • Space clearing before setting up ceremonial space.
  • Conducting a Handfasting Ceremony.
Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Similar to the Handfasting

Day Five

Extra Ceremony Add-ons to offer your Clients

Cake & Mead Ceremony. Demonstration & practice.
Decorating the Besom Broom.
Jump the Besom Broom.
Creating sacred space with the Bride to create a Bridal Hoop.
This is a pre-Handfasting service that Celebrants can offer to their clients.

Final Sharing circle/ End of training & Certificate Presentation

Where: Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9NB

When: 10am to 5pm with one hour break for lunch.


£395.00 for five days – £410 if using Paypal.


How to apply for the course