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Essays on the Goddess

During the Third Spiral of the Priestess of Avalon training in Glastonbury, taught by Priestess of Avalon, Kathy Jones, students are asked to write an essay on their understanding of the relationship between modern day Goddess Spirituality and its roots in ancient Goddess cultures.

In the present time awareness of Goddess is spreading across the world from woman to woman, country to country, rooted in our individual experiences of Goddess and through re-membering who She is in different places in the world. Many are researching their own Goddesses in their own lands, bringing Her back from a name in a story, the finding of a Goddess figurine, or the archaeological remains of ancient Goddess Temples, to a present day reality.

Here are some of the essays which have been written on this subject by our priestesses. Some essays are more personal and some more research based. They all introduce us to re-membered Goddesses which priestesses are beginning to reclaim for themselves and for us. English is not the first language for some of our writers, so leeway must be given for this in reading the gems that are hidden within the writing.

The essays are alphabetically sorted by first names – click here for the list!

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