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Soul Healing 2017/18

Intensive Healing Training Course

Course Start Date: 8th, 9th, 10th September 2017

with Kathy Jones

Soul Healing is a subtle and powerful form of energetic healing, that works with the energies of the whole person, with the physical and energetic bodies, the emotions, thoughts, personality and soul, to help bring us back from the state of dis-ease to a state of ease and well-being.

The word Healing is used in the sense of ‘making whole’, of redressing imbalances that have built up in the emotions, mind and body. Soul is that part of us which is eternal, invisible, spiritual and filled with universal love, which connects us to each other, to the divine and all life.

Soul Healers recognize the presence of the Soul within themselves and in all other people, learning how to call these powerful transforming energies in to heal themselves and their patients. These are esoteric skills that can only be learned through practice and experience. This is knowledge which cannot be acquired from a book, but which is only learned through the application of the principles of energetic healing. It is knowledge that in the past was hidden, because it was believed to be powerful and life-changing. It is now being made available to those who wish to heal and deepen their healing skills. This teaching is based on healing principles first described in the 1940s by Alice A Bailey in her ground-breaking work ‘Esoteric Healing’, and developed, simplified and brought into the 21st century by Kathy Jones.

This intensive Soul Healing training takes place in six 3-day teaching sessions spread through six-plus months. During each teaching session there will be group sharing, opportunities for personal healing, exercises to develop both consciousness and healing abilities and the opportunity to practice healing and healer/patient communication skills with other students. In addition, between weekends students need to be able to complete homework, which includes personal development, visualization and meditation, exercises to develop consciousness, practising and recording healing sessions first with family and friends, then in-depth case studies; as well as reading and study, and preparation for a test of healing skills. Students are given a copy of Kathy’s book Chiron in Labrys: an Introduction to Esoteric Soul Healing (Ariadne Publications), which forms the foundation for the teaching on this course.

IMPORTANT – This is an INTENSIVE Training. As well as attending all six weekends you need to have the time, focus and commitment to complete all homework on time between training weekends.

On this Soul Healing course with Kathy Jones you will learn how to heal yourself, your family and friends, and if you choose and successfully complete the course, you can become a professional healer. The benefits of this course include healing personal wounds, an expansion of consciousness, increased soul contact, learning about the invisible worlds, the development of healing and psychic skills, learning to live and work within the formless energetic worlds that are inside and all around us and developing the ability to hear and respond to intuition.

On successful completion of the training students will receive an Attendance or Practitioner Soul Healer Certificate, depending on the level of skill acquired. The course is suitable for those who wish to work in an intensive way on their own healing and for those who want to deepen and fully develop their healing skills and become practicing healers. It is also for those who have taken this course before, have practised the skills learned, and wish to learn to become qualified teachers of Soul Healing. Apply separately to Kathy.

What is Soul Healing?

Many healing systems teach students how to do hands on healing over the course of a weekend or a few days, usually as an unconscious channeling or giving over of oneself to a greater healing power. For this the healer needs little self-knowledge, awareness or skill to be able to learn these forms of healing, which help relieve the symptoms of disease.

Soul Healing is a much deeper form of healing which looks at the causes of disease and not merely at the symptoms. It is one thing to be able to alleviate the pain of a headache, it is quite another thing to be able to find the causes of that headache within a person’s whole life situation, so that these causes can be addressed and healed. This form of healing takes us to a much deeper, transformative level within our own selves, as well as teaching us how to work deeply with other people.

Soul Healing is concerned with the finer subtle energies of the soul within the healer and within the patient, and the ways in which these energies manifest or fail to manifest in the world. This form of healing requires the development of self-awareness, of consciousness, intuition and psychic skills, learning how to apply this knowledge in the invisible worlds of the emotions, mind and spirit and the visible world of form.

During the course students learn the basic principles of healing, what it is and how it works. They learn about the invisible energy systems of the body. They learn about the soul, the personality, mind, emotions, etheric and physical bodies. They learn about the energy radiations and aura of the body. They learn about the energetic centres or chakras within the body, and their relationship to the physical and the subtle bodies. In Soul Healing healers work with these energy centres to redress imbalances and bring healing.

Students learn how to recognize different kinds of invisible energy, how to feel and experience them, to distinguish between them, first of all, within their own bodies and then within other people. They learn how to work with energy, how to move and direct energy at will, how to balance energy, how to heal on an energetic level. All of this comes with the development of psychic skills, the ability to see, feel, hear and sense invisible energies, all the while developing the intuition, the inner teacher and direct connection to the soul.

Students also learn how to work with sound in Healing and how to work with devas, angels and guides. They learn how to call in beneficent divine energies to aid the healing process. They learn about karma and the causes of disease. They learn about healing in the emotional body and within the Soul. They learn how to give psychic readings which offer insight into the causes of disease and current life challenges, and which promote healing.

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Although Kathy’s lifework is dedicated to bringing Goddess back into the world, you do not need to believe in Goddess to take this course. Students may follow any life-affirming spiritual belief system to participate.

Course dates and details

On this course you will learn:

  • Two main forms of Soul Healing : Magnetic hands on Healing and Radiatory Healing through the aura
  • The human energy system relating physical body, chakras, personality, consciousness and soul
  • To develop and use intuition and your psychic abilities in healing
  • To develop and practice your natural healing abilities
  • Alice Bailey’s teachings on Esoteric Healing in an understandable form
  • How to hold clear boundaries and work professionally with patients

What previous students have said about this course:

“It’s changed my life completely”

“It’s been the most profound spiritual framework I have come across”

“I feel alive for the first time”

“It has opened me up to a different way of life”

“The course has provided me with the most intense and divine experience”

“The weekends have been inspiring, educational, thought-provoking and challenging”

“I have become a really fluid, moving person since I began the course”

“Very, very good. It’s healing as it should be”

“When I look back on my life I will see the course as one of the crossroads in my life”

“Learning about the healing techniques is something that makes me excited and hungry for more and more knowledge, homework and experiences.”

“ I feel as if a weight has been lifted and I can breathe again”

“ Perceptions challenged, boundaries changed, barriers removed, new friends made and old partnerships reforged.”

“Brilliant, transforming”

Workshop Times: 10am-5pm each day – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Venue: The Goddess Hall, Benedict Close, Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NB

Fee: £990 for six three-day sessions, which may be paid in full at the beginning of the course, or by 5 monthly instalments of £172, including £35 administration fee – total £1,025. A non-refundable deposit of £165 secures your place.

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