Spiral Two 2019-20

Becoming a Völva and Priestess of Freya

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1st Circle : Reborn as a Völva- Visionquest (Utiseta)

26th/27th October 2019

Past lives. Wounds and obstructions. Shedding skin. To be a Völva


2nd Circle : Seidr- Meeting the Old Völva

14th/15th December 2019

How to be a vessel for the power. High seat Seidr


3rd Circle : Seidr- Healing through Seidr

25th/26th January 2020

Soul Retrieval. Journey for healing others. Your healing spirits


4th Circle : Seidr- Divination

7th/8th March 2020

How to create group and pair Seidr. Oracling


5th Circle : Seidr- Influence

25th/26th April 2020

How to direct the power. Positive changes. Responsibilities

6th Circle :

Dedication as a Priestess of Freya and tradition keeper  of the Völva

30th/31st May 2020

The Way of the Völva